Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Nights Are For Pizza

Our good friends Melanie and Jim are here to visit for the weekend. I hoped they would be arriving around the same time Brian was expected home from work, but with traffic you just never know. I decided that to be safe I would feed Andy his dinner early so that he would be in good spirits once our visiting got underway. I decided to let Andy make his own little english muffin pizza, and I must say that it was an even bigger hit than I could have imagined!

Andy very carefully spread sauce on his muffin, then arranged the cheese seemingly shred by shred.

Then, he carefully arranged mini pepperoni, though he did have a pattern of eating one piece, then arranging one piece, then eating another.
Did you notice Molly lurking in the background?

The finished product turned out great, and Andy was so pleased with himself. He ate almost the entire little pizza!
We may have just created a Friday night routine . . .


  1. Great idea! Looks like fun!

  2. Will LOVES making his own pizza! We have also done this on pita bread. It's always a hit!

    No matter what the food, I think it's always fun having a tradition night.

  3. Oh I used to love making pizza like that growing up! Makes me want one for lunch today.

  4. I am definitely going to try this for Oman--I need more ideas, since hes such a picky eater. Looks yum! And hes so cute making them!