Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heart and Soul Treat

Brian was able to take today off work from the hospital so that we could spend some time together since I was off of school today. Andy went to the babysitter's house today so that we could have a relaxing, and much needed, date day.

Our first treat was being able to sleep in today. Well, OK, it was only until 7:00, but that is still "sleeping in" for us since we are used to getting up at 5:30. After I dropped of Andy I went and picked up tasty beverages from Starbucks. We made (and enjoyed!) a leisurely breakfast at home with our coffee.

By 10:00 we were at the movie theater where we saw a movie that I can't even remember the name of! It was your basic romantic comedy-drama. We enjoyed it, but now want to see even more movies, thanks to the previews.

After the movie we went for lunch at a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Thrus, and Dives. Again, it was a nice treat to enjoy a meal without having to pick things up off of the floor!

When we got back home Brian decided to take a nap, but I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go get a pedicure. Yippee!

And now I'm ready to take on school tomorrow, and by tomorrow evening I'll be enjoying a weekend visit from one of my good friend's and her husband. I'm so excited to enjoy the company of friends this weekend!

So all in all, my heart and soul are in pretty good shape right now!

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