Saturday, November 13, 2010

Med-cin Peas

As if we haven't already been lucky enough in all things Andy-related, there is yet one more. My sweet boy has always LOVED to take medicine. Whether it is tylenol, motrin, antibiotics, or this last time, prednisone and benedryl, he is always ready and willing and it has never been a fight. Andy actually asks for "mo" after receiving his dose and we always tell him, "Maybe later".

Well, he has gotten accustomed to having a dose of medicine right before bed. His allergic reaction seems to be mostly under control, so there really isn't much reason to give him benedryl at bedtime anymore.

This evening Andy stayed home with a babysitter while we went out with friends. When we got home he was still up, but was clearly sleepy, though protesting going to bed. He was sitting on Brian's lap resting before looking at me and saying, "Med-cin peas". I told him that he didn't need any tonight. Well, that did little to change his mind.

After a few minutes a moment of weakness and exhaustion took over me. I went to the kitchen and filled his medicine syringe with juice before returning to the family room. Andy took his "med-cin" and was completely content to go to bed.

Oh, what have I started . . .

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  1. Clever! This idea never occurred to me but I may have to use it myself. Whenever one kid is on meds, the other wants it too. Great idea!