Saturday, June 19, 2010

Surprise Visit

Sorry to be keeping anyone in suspense, but I couldn't ruin the surprise. My brother and niece, Ashley, drove out on Friday so they could surprise my dad on Friday for Father's Day. Ashley is five and just can't get enough of Andrew. Apparently the feeling is mutual since our last visit to California a few weeks ago. Since then Andrew talks about "Ashee" all the time. So, Thursday night was quite a treat for him when he realized that she was actually here, live and in person. He followed her around like a little puppy dog and refused to do anything unless Ashley was leading the way. Diaper change? Nope, not for me. But he was a willing participant for Ashley. Time to change into jammies? Nope, not for me. But a willing participant for Ashley.

That night Ashley waited patiently for Andrew to finally go to sleep. Once he was asleep she was able to creep in and sleep in the twin bed in his room. At 6:15 yesterday morning they were both front and center in my room, ready for the day to begin.

Andrew and Ashley were great friends yesterday and had lots of fun together. We went to the local splash pad in the late morning where they played and played. We went home and had lunch and then while Andrew napped Ashley and I enjoyed some quality pool time. Once Andrew woke up and Brian got home from work they joined us in the pool. Both kids played so hard yesterday that they both went to bed really early.

Eric and Ashley left bright and early this morning for California and Andrew was a whiny mess. He just wants "Ashee". Not to worry though, we'll be in California next weekend and will be seeing both Ashley and Ryan for Ryan's third birthday party.

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  1. That is just too cute!! He is such a Sweetie.