Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jumbled Father's Day Thoughts

Brian's Father's Day celebration actually began last week when I gave him some bacon chocolate bars. I forget now why I gave them to him early, but it made sense at the time. You see, Brian is a huge fan of all things bacon. And I was right, this was a huge hit.

Also, last week Lindsay posted of their experience making bacon pancakes and when I told Brian about it he was incredibly jealous. Thus, bacon pancakes made it onto our morning menu for today. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised then when Brian wanted chocolate chips added to his pancake. Personally, I passed on the chocolate chips, but the bacon pancakes were delicious nonetheless.
I then spent some time decorating this yummy chocolate monkey cake. Sadly for Brian, no bacon was involved. And really, there was no real point to the monkey cake other than the fact that I got a new cake pan for my birthday and I wanted to practice before Andy's birthday next month. And, you know, cake is a great reason to have people come over.
My parents joined us in the afternoon for cake and Andy time and we had a very nice visit. Considering all that has happened with my dad in recent years we are very lucky to be able to continue celebrating Father's Day with him.

While I am able to think about all of the ways that Brian is an awesome dad, from the way he calls Andy "my boy" to the way he chooses outfits for him and gets up with him at night, it's a little different. I say different because while I am honoring Brian for being a great dad to MY boy, and all the dads and grandpas in our lives, I am also thinking of a mom. Andy's birthmom. And I know it's an odd day to think of a mom, but stay with me. She is the one who made it possible for the love of my life to even BE a dad. And she is the one who has made it possible for me to see this whole other side of Brian. And so today I have deep and sincere gratitude to her for allowing us to love and parent this wonderful little boy who we love so dearly.

And on the other side of my gratitude is a teeny bit of jealousy. You see, she was able to do what I tried so hard to do but couldn't. She made my Brian a daddy.


  1. That is an amazing cake! I am really impressed with your skills.

  2. MMMM....everything is good with BACON!

    I know excatly what you mean about thinking of your child's birthmom, I thought of my daughter's often yesterday.

  3. The cake looks awesome! Thank you for sharing the complex feelings on this day--made me think a bit more about what Father's Day means and all the people and things that can go into being a father/mother.

  4. Bacon is so good! And wow, that cake is so amazing, great job!

  5. I am intrigued with the bacon pancakes...

    Awesome job on the cake!!

  6. It doesn't matter how he became a Daddy. The fact is, he is one, and a great one at that.

    The cake is CA-UTE!

  7. Love the cake! And I'm gonna have to try those pancakes sometime soon!

  8. even if she made him a daddy, you made your house a home to a family. You all put it all together, the three of you to make a family, the one no one else has.

  9. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Biology isn't what makes a family, love is. You should never be jealous of what you can't give to someone, but grateful for what you can.