Thursday, June 17, 2010

Live and Learn

It's been quite the week of learning for Andrew, and he is quite the little trooper. Despite spending one night in the BIG big boy bed he has returned to the toddler bed. After our little night-night routine Andrew will cry, and get out of bed and hang on the baby gate and cry, but only until we get downstairs. Seriously. How cool is that? Not that he cries, but that he stops that quickly. He then puts himself back into bed and covers up, then babbles for a little bit, then goes to sleep and we usually don't hear from him until morning. We've been at this for a week now and I'm pretty comfortable that we've got this thing under control.

However, since returning from California, Andrew has had no desire to actually use the potty. But, that's ok. He will still say "pee-pee" and is a lot more agreeable to diaper changes. After we change the dirty diapers he likes when we dump the contents into the toilet and he can flush. Then he proclaims "All gone" and smiles like crazy. For now it's enough that he is getting interested and making connections.

I have more cute stories to share, but family does read this blog and there's something that still needs to be a secret until tomorrow, so the rest will have to wait.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Ok, back to the toddler bed we go. Andrew can't grow up THAT fast you know!

    And what a tease you are with the secret...

  2. What the heck? You are killing me with the cliffhanger. :-)

    Yay for Andy snuggling up in the bed and going to sleep by himself, I loved it when Megan was in the toddler bed. For me, visually, it was such a nice transition to see my little girl move from a baby-like crib to a smallish bed. If she'd gone right to a twin or full-sized bed, I would have been struck by how SMALL she was. Sort of like the 3 bears -- crib too small, twin bed too big, toddler bed just right.

    He is so dang cute I just can't even stand it. You are lucky beyond words. xo