Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Bliss

I'd have to say that this spring is the best spring ever, since moving to Arizona. The weather has been beautiful and I've actually been in a position to enjoy and appreciate it.

I think a big part of it is that my stress level is so manageable right now. School is well under control (though all the teachers out there will understand that there is no such thing as being "caught up"). We have state testing next week, but that's OK, it actually makes for an easy week as far as planning and prep time.

And dare I say that I feel like there's a little bit of balance between work and family time? It helps that there is still some daylight after dinner, as it allows for some play time. We got Andy this really fun sand and water table. He's a big fan! Of course, the first thing he did was drink some of the water and eat a big mouthful of sand. Ick.
And now, with this new-found balance that I feel if I could only work in some trips to the gym each week . . .


  1. I just posted about spring myself!! LOVING it this year, though I don't quite feel that balance between work and home....But on a good note, this weekend is the first one I haven't spent working or out of town in quite some time! :)

  2. That table is amazing!!! Looks like so much fun. And according to my mom, I ate a lot of sand as a kid and I turned out OK. :)

  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Table looks so fun! Who makes it?

    Spring is AWESOME!

  4. That table looks like so much fun!!! I have to tell you that eating sand and drinking yucky water sounds like something my kids would do!!!