Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

Last week during Spring Break, Andy and I made the trek to the mall to check out the sights. And who did we run into? The Easter Bunny, that's who! Andy was really excited, clapping and yelling and waving. We decided to stop for a visit. Andy was all about sitting on the Bunny's lap, and continued to look at him and chatter away. However, a pesky teenager with a camera kept calling to Andy and distracting him from his conversation with the Bunny. Here's the result:

What a difference from last year, when my little snuggle bunny was more than happy to smile at anyone with a camera!
I hope you all have a wonderful and beautiful Easter. We are due to have beautiful weather. We will be staying home, but having my parent's over for brunch. We are skipping church this time because of the "stage" that Andy is in, not wanting to ruin it for anyone else. I'm hoping to teach him how to hunt for Easter Eggs.


  1. hehe What a cutie! He may not have had the beaming smile, but he makes up for it in overall adorable-ness! Hoping you have a lovely Easter!

  2. You know what's funny? He's looking more and more like you! Does anyone ever tell you they see the family resemblance? A lot of people think my kids look like me too. I love it!

  3. So stinkin cute!!!
    The first pic ROCKS....he's like "this bunny don't scare me"

  4. I so need Andy and Josie to meet. I know it will be love at first sight!

    SO CUTE!!!!

  5. That is a precious picture!