Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy Season at Our B & B

Spring time is certainly our busy season here at our B & B. We've had many a weekend of house guests last month and this month. I'd like to think that it's our delightful personalities that bring everyone out, but in reality, I think it's our cheap (read "free") rates. It's also likely the myriad of of outdoor events, especially sporting events, that bring everyone.

This weekend we had 7 guests due to the local Nascar race, including a few kids. Brian and his friends must be growing up, because this weekend was the tamest we've seen since moving out here. The kids (like me!) had no interest in Nascar, but baseball and lots of fun time outdoors filled the time.

I'm a little sad that our visiting season will soon be coming to an end. It seems that as the weather heats up fewer and fewer people like to come and visit with us. Just remember though, if you are on our list of regulars, it's a dry heat! Also, the pool is perfect, and open 24 hours a day.

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  1. Don't kid yourself about the visitors. It's the baby! Our popularity has surged over the past 8 weeks as well. People are constantly catching themselves and saying, "Oh, and of course we'd like to see you and Dave too..."