Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Tears to Smiles

Today was the day of my little support group reunion. Everyone was just coming over to my house with kids in tow so that the kids could play and us girls could visit and we could all have a little lunch together. Sounds nice, right? Apparently not to Brian. I guess he was afraid of being overrun by emotional girls and just too many kids. He left the house before anyone got here and didn't return until the coast was clear.

Here's what he missed . . .

See? Didn't that look like fun? There weren't actually many tears until the very end of our little visit when we tried to get a group photo, and even then it was only kids who were crying.
It really did my heart good to get together with these girls. We each have a different story for our journey to parenthood, but we have a deep bond too. We've all shed tears together. We've all had heartbreak and felt hopeless. But now? We've arrived. And it's all smiles from here on out.

So please, if you are still on this journey through infertility, please reach out to others, in person. Nothing compares to having people locally who understand first hand where you are and are willing to hold your hand through the hard times and celebrate with you in the good times.

In fact, I was sitting with these girls when I got "the call" about Andrew.


  1. Hilarious group photo! You can only tell that two kids are crying but it sure seemed like all of them were wailing at once! Anyway, all of us moms sure look happy so I'm glad you captured that!

    I also remember that night when you got "the call." What a journey this has been for all of us!

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    How wonderful that you have had so much support and love through everything. I'm happy things have worked out for all of you. It looks like you had a nice reunion.


  3. That is so incredibly special--so glad you all were able to do a get together like this!

  4. Yes, my two were screaming their heads off. But we all had a great time catching up and seeing everyone again.
    You have again Chris made me cry - tears of joy!

  5. That is AWESOME!! that you guys had this wonderful support group. I wish I would have found something like that!!

    The last picture makes me laugh..the joys of trying to get all the kids, happy, smiling and looking at a camera...

  6. Looks like it was a wonderful day!

    How special that you all are still in touch and supporting each other!