Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm sure I mentioned that we had a little binky relapse around here. It happened at the beginning of March when Andrew was really sick and inconsolable with another ear infection and fun stuff like that. It was like magic when we gave it back to him at 2am one night.

Over the next couple of weeks though, he got very attached to it and wanted it more than just at bedtime. Frankly, I was just too tired to fight it and wanted to enjoy Spring Break.

For St. Patrick's Day I made green frosted cupcakes. They were a huge hit with the kids! Andrew plowed through one in no time, getting frosting everywhere. His face, hands, neck, hair, and even in his ears. Unfortunately, as soon as he devoured it, this is what I saw . . .

In this moment (though completely adorable and comical and heartwarming all at the same time) it became abundantly clear that it was time for the binky to GO. And this time? It seemed like there would be much more of a fuss than last time. Being the coward that I am, I waited until the end of spring break so that Andrew would be back with his babysitter during the day. I knew she wouldn't put up with a binky during the day!

So, a couple of nights before heading back to school I peeked into Andrew's crib to check on him as he slept, as I do multiple times every night. And what did I see? Lying in the corner of the crib was Andrew's binky. All by itself. I snatched it up and ran out of the room, hiding the binky someplace that I've long since forgotten. Sure enough, in the morning when Andrew woke up he wanted his binky, calling "beeeeeee beeeeeeeee beeeeeee". I pretended to help him look for it as he looked under the crib. I pulled out the crib from the wall so he could check back there. I watched as he looked under the bed, and the dresser, and the bookshelf and acted sympathetic.

We repeated this routine for a couple of days, but I'm happy to say that Andrew has been completely binky free for the last three weeks. I think it's now really safe to say that the binkies are behind us. In fact, it's hard to believe that this picture was taken a little more than a month ago. I had forgotten all about it until my brother sent it to me yesterday. But I do have to admit, it's such a cute picture that (if I'm being totally honest) I almost miss the binky.


  1. Brenda from CA7:07 PM

    Good acting job Mom! and really smart waiting for the babysitter! :o)

  2. Yay for no more bink! We are thinking of giving ours the boot soon too!

  3. Nice!!! Very clever! I have a similar plan in mind for when V gets fully potty trained and I am ready to stop rewarding him with chocolate every time he pees in the toilet... One day, we will simply run out out of chocolate. I will open the cabinet, take out the little Tupperware container, and there will be only one M&M left. I'll say, "Oh, look honey, it's the last one!" and that will be the end of that. (Hopefully) :)

  4. Yay for no more binkies! And I just love that picture!

  5. Woo-hoo for no more binks!

    But I have to agree, that pic is just ADORABLE!

  6. Super cute pic!

    I was going to cold turkey the paci while Jay was in Alaska but Shelby got sick and I just couldn't do it. Now I am thinking 20 mos is the next time I may try. UGH. Jay is all for her keeping it til she's 2 though!