Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tourmobile Tourists

Our sight-seeing ventures into DC have been a mixed back of successes and failures. Successes because we are, after all, on vacation. Successes because we've had beautiful weather. Successes because our nation's capitol is a beautiful city. Failures, because, well, quite simply, Andy doesn't care about any of this.

We began our tours on Friday and Saturday from Arlington, in part due to the plentiful and cheap parking. At this point on Friday Andy was still cooperative and enjoying the tram ride. As a side note, a national cemetery is not an ideal place for an unhappily contained on-the-move toddler.

Things deteriorated from there. By the time we made our way to the Lincoln Memorial sweet little Andy was less than impressed.
By the time we walked along the mall to the Washington Monument and made our way via Tourmobile back to the car at Arlington Andy was done. Completely. And this is how he remained for most of the drive back, which took us close to 3 hours due to absolutely insane Friday rush hour DC and Baltimore traffic.
Because we are not easily deterred from our sight-seeing goals, and because I'm not about to be derailed by an on-the-move one year old, we went back for a second dose of DC on Saturday. This time we brought Carlos along for moral support.
My visions of quaint, traditional, happy-family-in-front-of-national-landmarks were again dashed by a squirmy and unhappy Andy.

Peace finally descended upon us as we toured the Smithsonian of American History while Andy napped comfortably.
Once Andy got his second wind we drove back to Baltimore and picked up Jackie before heading to Little Italy for a scrumptious dinner of all thing Italian. By then, Andy was the life of the party again.
Personally, I think he was just glad to be done with the Tourmobile. I guess this is one venture that we will have to try again when he is older.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That picture of him sleeping in his car seat is just SCRUMPTIOUS!