Sunday, October 11, 2009

Down Time

My previous posts have probably made it seem like we are on the go just all the time. And while sometimes it has felt like that, we have actually had a good amount of down time. Our mornings are slow and full of family time, which we've really been enjoying since it is such a rarity for us.

Carlos has a beautiful piano, which Andy has discovered. It's really hard to keep him away from it! And just so you know, Andy himself placed Snoopy in the place of honor. In spite of my lessons, I believe Andy plays better than me.

There is a truly beautiful walking path behind the house and we've had some fun while traveling it. Hopefully there is more to come in the coming days!

Relaxing on the back deck is also a favorite way to spend the morning, afternoon, or evening. I'm truly in heaven with the weather, rain, trees, and critter sounds.
Another treat is the time we spend with Grandma and Grandpa Mayer, who are just tickled to have Andy around and never tire of his games.

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