Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Today Brian and Carlos went to a football game, so Jackie and I took Andy out for some pint-sized, on-the-go-baby fun. A couple of days ago we saw an ad in the newspaper for Applewood Farms and it sounded like fun, so away we went!

Andy was just in awe of the giant pumpkins! He couldn't decide if he wanted to ride one, chew on one, or carry one!

More animals! Andy got up close and personal with a pot-bellied pig.
And he wanted so much to get up close and personal with this goat!
The best invention on Earth (in Andy's humble opinion) has got to be this little tractor. He didn't want to give it up and cried like a lunatic when it was time to go.
The tears were forgotten though once the joys of a slide were discovered.
And back to the pumpkins! Just so much fun!
Aunt Jackie just can't get enough of this sweet boy!

But then, neither can the rest of us. I'm hoping that we can find just as much fun at a pumpkin patch back home in Arizona so that Brian can join us. Plus, we still need to buy a pumpkin!

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  1. Seriously, having now seen him in action, walking around with his sippy cup, he is even cuter than people can imagine.