Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Live From Maryland

Our travels to Maryland have gone off without a hitch! We are here and enjoying being taken care of by family as we sight see and relax.

Andy was quite the trooper on our long travel day last Monday. He managed to nap briefly on the first flight and was easily entertained while he was awake. We bought him his own seat and it was worth every penny to have the extra space for him. Now that he is mobile he is not easily contained!
We are staying with B's Aunt Jackie and Carlos, and there is lots to explore at their house; including stairs, screen doors, unlocked cabinet doors, uncovered outlets, door stoppers, and 3 small dogs, without a babygate in sight! Needless to say, Andy is keeping everyone on their toes!

On Tuesday we relaxed around the house and got a late start. Jackie took us into the harbor area of Baltimore and gave us a tour. We enjoyed a yummy lunch together on the water.

After lunch we took a really long, but really nice, walk all over the place. It was so nice to enjoy cool ocean breezes again and we really enjoyed the company, too.

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  1. I am so jealous that you and Mel got to hang today. I would have had more fun there ;)

    You and the guys kick all sorts of butt...