Saturday, September 12, 2009

School, Fantasy and Shoes . . . Oh My!

First of all, my dear readers, I do realize that only posting every week or two simply won't do. And really, I am trying to get better. I compose countless posts in my head while otherwise occupied with mundane household chores or bathing. So without further ado, here's our little family update:

School is seriously kicking my ass. I go in around 7 in the morning, and don't leave until about 6pm, and later if Brian is picking up Andrew. Being "caught up" is within sight, and I'm living under the delusion that not only is there such a thing as being "caught up", but that I might actually get there and experience it. I teach at a school with an incredibly demanding admin team who I think is trying to see if it really is possible to cause teachers to self-combust under the pressure. My kids are completely awesome, and this is the best class I've had since moving to Arizona. Really, it isn't fair to the rest of my 3rd grade team. I'm also taking a class one night a week towards earning my Gifted Education endorsement, so it's weird having homework that I have to do. I'd like to finish the program this year so that I can move over on the salary schedule next year. Seeing as this is my second year teaching a class with a gifted cluster (1/3 third of my class is identified as gifted) this seems like a good investment of my time and money.

Brian has also been keeping busy with work. It seems that he has been taking lots of call lately, so that's sort of a drag at times. He also just has his fantasy football draft last weekend, and apparently that called for making another Bacon Explosion for his buddies. Whatever. All I know is that since it was raining last weekend he couldn't smoke it in the bbq, but instead had to cook it in the house, causing the house to smell like bacon for two days.

Andrew is still awesome. He's still working on eating with a spoon. And Brian is working on not getting frustrated with Andrew feeding himself. Since it's still warm here I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have mealtime on the back patio and then to just go swimming right afterwards. Hmmm, we'll have to try it out. Andrew also got his first pair of big-boy shoes. Up until now he's been wearing Robeez, if anything at all. Seriously, he's usually completely barefoot. We can't even leave him in just socks because he's a maniac. He scared his babysitter to death the day that she thought he ate a sock. I swear, he's worse than a beagle. Any-who, we made the trek to the mall last weekend, to Stride Rite, got sized (4 1/2 wide), and found a spiffy pair of cruisers. As you can see, Andrew thinks they are wonderful.

The shoes make a weird, squeaky sound when he chews on them, and it must feel good on his teeth or something. Andrew can take 3 or 4 steps without assistance, and he thinks it is hilarious when he belly flops to the floor. And actually, it is.


  1. Ah, the elusive "caught up" feeling. Let me know how it feels, will you? I will never, ever get there it seems!

    What do you think about the Gifted Ed class you are taking? The program I did took two years of one night a week. I am glad I did it, but whew, was it a huge investment of time. (don't you love the depth and complexity icons?)

    It is so nice to hear how great Andrew is doing. Three steps, even?!! Wow. I am impressed!

  2. Is it possible for him to get any more adorable? That kid is just the tops. School sounds like a total beast though!

  3. I am so envious that you are so close to being caught up. Wow...I'm nowhere close! Good luck to you!! You will forever be my hero if you reach "caught-up-ness"! :) Good luck with your GT certification! How exciting!!

    Andrew is such a cutie!!! Love those shoes. Looks like we're going to have to invest in some new kicks soon. Goodness these kiddos grow so quickly!

  4. Love Andrew's new shoes! i can't believe how fast he is growing.

    I am so glad to hear that you have such a great class. My mom is a retired school teacher and I remember her having to "catch up" too. I never got a chance to talk with her the first two weeks of school...she was always so busy.

  5. I am all for naked eating and then a good hosing off. I have taken to having C in just a diaper and then hitting the bath afterwards since we are only on one solid food meal a day right now. I figure it is my duty as a good mother to photograph these moments so I can embarrass her later in life. Feel free to do the same. :)

  6. 1st - Cute wall, Chris. Next, Andrew continues to grow like a weed. It's good to see the photo updates on your blog and to keep up with what everyone is doing. It seems like ages since we've last seen each other. I'm hoping we can find our way to Arizona sometime soon. Here's hoping to you catching up completely. Hugs from California!

  7. I hear you on the business. I'm glad you're doing well. Andrew is adorable chewing on his shoes!