Sunday, July 12, 2009

Confessions of a Lazy Mom

As some of you may have heard, we have been under a heat advisory here in the Valley of the Sun. I'm here to tell you that it really isn't that bad, you just learn to deal with it. By deal with it, I mean you go out in the mornings and evenings and stay inside during the hottest times of the day. And really, what's so bad about an afternoon siesta? As such, Andrew and I have been enjoying some quality time at home.

Take a look at this afternoon's temperature . . . . . 121.4 F

Please don't judge me for the dust on the top of my refrigerator. I've not been using my indoor time to clean. Oh, don't you like the girl in the bikini on the readout? In the winter when it's cold she is quite bundled up. That's right . . . she strips as the weather warms up. My guess is that this is as far as she goes. I had no idea this thing came with such a feature when I bought it at Kohls.

Now on to the confessions . . .

Andrew has discovered the baking pans in the kitchen cupboard. Yup, go figure, they are not neatly organized. When he was done playing I just put all the pans back. Without washing them. I will have to remember to wash them before using them.

See those jammies Andrew is wearing? Aren't they cute? I put them on him the night before, at bedtime on Thursday. This picture was taken in the early afternoon, on Friday. Andy was still wearing these jammies on Saturday, at 11:00 am when his Daddy finally put him in some clothes. However, in my defense, even when these jammies were peeled from his wiggly body they contained not a speck of spit-up, vomit, food, formula, pee or poop.

So there are my confessions. Please don't judge me. Instead, join me. Click on "comments" below and leave me your lazy mom confessions. It doesn't even have to be your confession . . . feel free to rat out your moms, sisters, or BFFs, just share. I'm serious, I want to hear from everyone, especially if you don't normally comment. And just so you know, commenting is easy, you don't need an account, or special password or anything! So, come out, come out wherever you are and join in the fun!

Oh, and if you like these confessions just let me know . . . I'll happily share more as they come along.


  1. Hmm... well, I'm not a mom yet, but before the summer hits, I do wear my own clothing multiple times before I finally get my act together to take it to the dry cleaner. This time of year, of course, you can't really get away with that so easily.

  2. Wait, you mean we need to change their clothes daily? I missed that memo. ;) I'm just helping him to be green and not waste the laundering energy and water...right?

  3. let's see. I have kept Shelby in the same clothes for more that 24 hours...sleepwear. My cupboards are't organized either. I go a day or two ok maybe 3 without a shower. Sometimes I forget to put on deodorant. UCK! I have major mommy fuzz brain! I love lazy days with Shelby and use her as an excuse to just stay in and lazy.

  4. My ten year old son has been in charge of picking out his clothes since the beginning of school year last year. With the baby and everything, it took me a few times to realize that sometimes he was wearing the same shirt OVER and OVER and OVER again.

    Lately, when he stays up later because of the summer--I don't give a hang if he goes to bed with his pjs on or his clothes on.

    Oh, and right now, he is wearing shoes that have a hole in one toe. But the new shoes I bought him are tieing shoes--and he hasn't learned how to tie them--and I had given up last year on teaching him. So, I assume I will have to get my lazy butt in gear and teach him the seemingly un-teachable (to him) to tie those shoes!

  5. I can't get past the temperature on the thermometer! Wow.

    As for confessions...I can't always remember the last time my daughter has had a bath, often let her fall asleep to a movie, and the living room always needs the vaccuum run.

  6. Stacy1:54 PM

    Ryann and I have had many a jammy day. We had a lot of those when I was pregnant for Avery. :0)