Friday, July 10, 2009

A Long Time Coming

There was a time that if B and I wanted to take a trip somewhere we would just plan it and go, never giving it a second thought. And, you know, we really took that for granted.

Once we had started trying to have a baby those travel plans became a little more difficult to work out. We had to plot and plan according to where my cycle would be. This meant sometimes staying in hotels when visiting family and friends, if you catch my drift. But even that wasn't so bad, 'cuz after all, hotels are fun! Still further into our journey, planning for trips again became more difficult. By then I had doctor appointments to keep and schedule around. It was never as simply as just scheduling travel around the appointments, because I couldn't make plans to fly after a procedure. Why? Because I was advised not to fly during the first trimester. Yup, we fell for it. We thought the procedures would work! Once we moved away from the procedures it should have been easy to plan travel.

But it wasn't. By then we were on the adoption roller coaster. Life is really in limbo then! After dragging my feet for months I reluctantly agreed to go to Alaska and B had to buy the tickets months in advance due to the cost. Wouldn't you know it, on the very day we were flying to Alaska was when we met Andrew's birth parents in person! As it turns out, we had to incur additional expenses and return home early, but even that was OK because all I wanted was to be at home.

Since then we have gone on a few short trips, but nothing like a vacation. There's nothing like an infant and a failing economy to quash any thoughts of actually taking a vacation.

Until 2 days ago.

I finally had a quiet day at home with the baby so Andy and I were spending most of the day playing and sorting baby clothes in the family room. The TV was on and there was a news story about the most recent air fare wars. Well, by the time B got home from work I had airline tickets all picked out for a 10 day vacation in October, during my fall break from school. Shortly thereafter we purchased our tickets to Baltimore! We'll also be visiting DC and some other east coast cities. I'm really excited!

Later in the evening I realized part of my excitement. We were finally able to just spontaneously plan a trip without have to consider timing and "what ifs". How liberating! I love this place, and I'm so glad to be back.

I've already done the DC thing, but B hasn't, so we will do it again. I also want to hit up the zoo. What are some other things we should plan to do while in the area?


  1. Are you kidding me? You should come see me!! You'll be right in my neck of the woods. We'll use it as an excuse for the TOOTPU gals to get together as well -- that way we can overwhelm you at once. :-)

    Keep me posted on your plans and I'll arrange a TOOTPU gathering at a location and time convenient for you.

  2. We took Michael to D.C. when he was 3 years old. We loved the zoo and the smithsonian--especially Air & Space. I am intending to go there again...probably next year--I want to wait until Willow is a bit older.

    Sounds like some fun vacation plans! Oh, and BTW, if you are in the Boston area---look me up! I love showing off our town!

  3. You are going to have such an awesome trip! Good for you for making the plunge and buying the tix!

  4. OMG you TOTALLY must come to DC. Hell, we have an extra room if you guys want to stay near me and Mel for a few nights!!!

  5. Sounds like a great trip! I love DC, you really can't go wrong with most things there. I've never been to Baltimore though.

  6. Anonymous1:45 PM

    the aquarium in Baltimore is nice.