Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time Flies When You're Raising a Baby

I so can't believe this! My sweet boy is going to be a whole year old next Wednesday! How did that happen?

We are having a party for him on Saturday and I'm so looking forward to it. I just wanted to do something simple here at the house. After all, Andrew doesn't know that it's his first birthday, and he sure doesn't know that it is a big deal . . . to me anyhow! So, we are having my family over and a few friends and we'll "enjoy" the record setting heat while lounging (read: splashing) in the pool. We will just order in pizza so that we don't have to fire up the bbq and I'll make a pasta salad and cut up some fruit and we'll have lots of cool drinks. I'm also making cupcakes and a small cake for Andrew. I've been preparing for weeks, buying supplies, learning to make buttercream frosting, and learning to create fish out of icing.

I still have lots to do though. I need to spiff up the house just a little bit since we are having people over, but also because Eric, Kari and the kids are staying with us. I have a couple of last minute grocery items to pick up and party favors to assemble. I'll spend Friday baking and decorating a couple dozen cupcakes. Oh, and at some point I need to do some shopping. I don't even have any presents for Andrew yet! I suppose if I get desperate I can always just wrap up some old tupperware and some wooden spoons . . .


  1. That year just goes by so quickly! You have the same attitude I had about the birthday party. Something easy for yourself, but still something to mark the occassion. And yes, the presents will probably be the wrapping paper and boxes! Looking forward to seeing the cake and other pictures!

  2. You will have fun at the party, and even if he doesn't remember it, Andrew will have fun too.

  3. How did I not know that Sweet Cheeks and Josie are only a day apart (she will be 1 on Tuesday...SOB!)????

    Happy Early Birthday, Sweet Cheeks!

  4. Happy Birthday Andrew! He's a cutie! Sounds like a fun time for his birthday.

    PS - I love your background. I use the same one for my family blog! = )

    ~A fellow Braces Buncher

  5. Wow, time really does fly. I still remember sitting at the table when you got the news that you were chosen to be Andrew's mommy. And now he is one year old and cuter than ever! Hope your birthday party is fantastic!