Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mealtime Madness with Molly

It was bound to happen. I knew it would happen. It was just a matter of time. And the time is now. You see, we have been telling Molly ever since Andrew joined our family that one day she would come to love him. Don't get me wrong, she has been really, really good with adjusting to life with a baby in the house. Molly has been very watchful and is the first one to get to him if he cries. She has also been exceptionally tolerant of having her ears pulled and eyes poked. But . . . you can just tell that she's waiting for him to leave.

When Andrew started eating solid foods, specifically finger foods like those little puffy things and Cheerios, Molly learned to listen for the little tasty bits hitting the floor. (My sister-in-law Kari comments about our clean floor and I'm always quick to remind her that Molly's middle name is "Hoover".) Well, tonight Molly discovered a whole new world. Tonight was also a night when Andrew was feeding himself his main course. See for yourself . . .
OK, I realize the organic pasta primavera is not traditionally a "finger food", however, Andrew was not interested in eating from a spoon . . . he wanted to do it himself.
Molly has reared up and made an interesting discovery.
Apparently there's enough to share . . .
Andrew doesn't mind sharing . . .
Ewwwww! Did you see that beagle tongue?!?!?! However, I must say that it is more efficient than a measly wipey.
I think Andrew may have been horrified by the beagle tongue curling between his fingers. And no, I didn't make him continue to eat with a beagle spit covered hand. I cleaned him up, removed the tray, and we started over again with the meal Andy really wanted . . . barley cereal with apples and cherries. With a spoon.


  1. So cute! Welcome to the ALL things food related are finger foods now.

    ANything is finger food at our house these days. I just wish I had a dog to clean up the mess after .. My child ate applesauce with no sppon tonight because .... Like I stated EVERYTHING is finger foods here!

    So glad Molly is enjoying the perks

  2. That is soo flipping cute!! Molly will now be enjoying Andrew even more!

    I did not know if our cat (Gabrielle) would actually "help out" on the floor food...but she seems to be partial to chicken/meat substances...

    Willow is totally into table food. To the point of basically begging when we are eating...even if she just ate, she wants a little of what we are having too.

  3. Cute! My mum didn't realise how much food our dog got until we went on holiday without him and she saw the floor under the table.

    Oh and like fertilized said - everything is finger food, baby T hates spoons now.

  4. Helps him build immunities.

    Too cute!!

  5. So cute! I am sure we have many of those moments to look forward to with our lab!

  6. Cute pics, but I have to admit I was glad to read you wiped him down after the beagle schmearing;-)