Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yes! I am still here! However, my blogging time has been greatly infringed upon by the typical end-of-the-school-year responsibilities. My fellow teachers will know exactly of which I speak. At least there are only 7 more school days. I just keep repeating to myself, "I can do this. I can do this."

And now for my disbelief referenced in my title . . .

I've recently had some interesting verbal exchanges while visiting my local Wal.mart Su.perCenter. The most recent was last night. I typically go there about once a week to buy formula, baby food, and nationally branded dry grocery items. As such, I never leave without at least 7 bottles of ready made formula. (We've never been able to use dry because Andrew just can't tolerate it.) Anyhow, the woman ahead of me in line was watching me load my groceries on the counter. The following occurred:

DBBL (short for damn busy-body lady): How much is a bottle of formula?

Me: $5.82

DBBL: Wow, that's really expensive.

Me: Yes

DBBL: How much does your baby drink?

Me: About a jug a day.

DBBL: Wow, that's really expensive. I bet it adds up.

Me: Yes, it does.

DBBL: You know, you really should be breastfeeding.

Me: (big sigh) That isn't always an option for everyone.

DBBL: Well, you need to be breastfeeding because formula is horrible for babies. All those chemicals, you know? Nothing is better for babies than breast milk.

Me: (another sigh) We are doing fine with formula, thanks.

You would think that would have been the end of it. But no, she kept going on and on. I swear, I wanted to open one of those jugs of formula and dump it over her head. But I didn't want to waste the nearly $6. UGH! I'm sure I could have stopped her in her tracks by mentioning that it is really, really difficult to breastfeed an adopted baby, but, you know, I'd rather not share that with random strangers in the Wal.mart check out line.

Maybe another time I'll share with you the details of the time when I bought an equal amount of formula and the ever-so-helpful cashier tried to talk me into signing up for WIC. You know, the federally funded women, infants, and children program to aide struggling single moms. Yes, she went on and on and on about how "all you have to do is sign up for it and they just GIVE you all sorts of free baby things and baby food and baby formula and groceries and you don't even have to do anything because they just give you all sorts of free stuff all the time. So you should really do it 'cuz it's FREE FREE FREE". Jeez. It just really bothered me that the cashier didn't have sense enough to realize that this program is for single women who really, really need the assistance or they wouldn't be able to feed their babies. It isn't for people who just don't want to pay the money to support their own babies. And it isn't "FREE FREE FREE" since it is paid for by taxpayers.

Maybe I need to find a new place to buy formula?

In other news, we are all heading back to California for the long holiday weekend to celebrate my birthday. Well, maybe we are just going because it's a long weekend but I like to think it's so that it can be all about me. Hopefully I'll even get some down time so I can get caught up on my bloggy friends, reading and commenting.

Enjoy the long weekend!

(Oh, and I really did tell my 3rd graders that they get Monday off because it's my birthday. Don't worry, they knew I was kidding because they know all about Memorial Day.)


  1. I hate people like this. I'm all for breastfeeding but people like this turn me off. Formula has come a long way since it was invented. It is great shit now. Hell, as long as you are feeding your child and not neglecting them - what business is it of hers? GAH! I'm so angry for you!!!

  2. Ugh! I hate breastfeeding Nazis!

    Happy Birthday!


    Ahhhh, the Pro-BF'ers....I won't go there. Being a woman who makes NO MILK, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, I like your idea of pouring the can of formula over her head. :o)

  4. Ugh, some people are so rude!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Brenda from CA8:56 AM

    Chris..... all I have to say is what a "dumba**" some people are.. I admire your patience with such a stupid, inconsiderate woman. In my book, you are a saint because I don't know how much more I could have taken from that lady before losing my cool.

    And BTW.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy the weekend!

  6. How annoying! It's too bad that people just assume they know anything about you and your decisions and furthermore have a right to give you their opinion.
    Anyway, happy birthday and have a great trip!

  7. UGh! I thought I was going to have one of these convos with a lady too but thank God she didn't pursue it. I was treating myself to some Long John Silver's fish (naughty) and a lady asked if I was just formula feeding.

  8. Happy Birthday, Christy. Isn't it funny that our birthdays are so close as are our babies. Have a great week-end.

  9. Happy happy birthday! This is one reason I order my formula on amazon. That being said, I'm waiting for someone to get mouthy with me about bottle feeding...woe be that person.

  10. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I think you need to shop somewhere other than Wal Mart. Too bad things are so much cheaper there. I used to get my formula there too although I got the isomil soy formula powder for the same price as the liquid. Bummer that he struggles with powder. Unfortunetly it is just the beginning of spending for your child. Wait until he is a teenager and you need to buy pizza for all of his friends because they are all over hanging out. (Although I would rather have him home instead of elsewhere).

    I hope you have a good birthday and enjoy Calif.

    I am amazed that someone would push breastfeeding so much to someone they don't even know. I would have told her probably rudely to mind her own business.


  11. you really need a good comeback to nosey people. I'm not smart enought to give you one. But when Kyler was a baby, I use to let his dialysis tube hang out when I had salesmen at the door. hehe. they left quickly

  12. I would probably have flipped out on the lady, considering my recent battle with breatsfeeding. I hope you had a great birthday weekend!

  13. oh - and happy birthday!

  14. hey, why didn't my first comment post?

    I said you should have kicked her and AMEN about the WIC statement.

  15. I tagged you on my blog for a meme.

  16. How FREAKIN annoying...unsolicited assvice! Grr....

    Anyway..hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!

  17. Wal Mart is the devil...I have so many weird encounters there. This one is bad though and I'm sorry you had to deal with such assvice!