Sunday, February 15, 2009

World Class Traveler

Our trip last weekend was a complete success, and our week back here has been totally hectic so this is my first opportunity to report back.

So, without further ado . . . let's go!

Andrew was a complete champ on both the flight to and from Omaha. We were fortunate enough that he drifted off to sleep right before takeoff and then slept for nearly the entire flight, waking 30 minutes before landing for a bottle and socializing with other passengers.

When we got to the hotel Andrew also settled in, deciding that king size beds are the best.
Our first stop after the hotel was to my grandma's place. She was so happy to finally meet Andrew, and I do believe that the feeling was mutual!

We were prepared for some pretty cold weather in Omaha, but instead were pleasantly surprised by the warm weather. In fact, the weekend was warmer in Omaha than it was in Phoenix. How funny! Since the weather was so spectacular we spent Saturday at the zoo, along with half of the city.
Later we went back to the hotel for some rest. Andrew really enjoys reading his book in bed.
Later we took my grandma for dinner at her favorite steakhouse in celebration of her 99th birthday, then returned to her apartment for more visiting. Andrew really likes to get comfortable and strip down for his play sessions. He had such a great time with this little singing and dancing dog.
Towards the end of our visit Andrew was even able to meet my grandma's 97 year old baby sister . . . and Andrew's great, great aunt. She was thrilled to meet Andrew, but commented that he was "built like a brick chicken coop". Yeah, I was confused too, but apparently she didn't want to be rude and say he was built like a brick shithouse.
Though our visit was short, it was very special for all of us. Even though we were busy running here to there, we did manage to get some rest, and it was wonderful for our little family to have so much time together without juggling work and chores.


  1. What a wonderful visit! I love that the hotel provided a great tummy time roll. :) Happy 99th bday to your g-ma!!! Your g-mas sister is a hoot!

    Of course you already know this...but Andrew sure is CUTE!!!

  2. I love the pictures! 99 years young! She really looks on top of things!

    Love hotels--so fun and no cleaning! And makes you happy when you get home too.

    Glad your first trip with Andrew was smooth.

  3. its always nice to get away and have a king size bed and someone to clean your room and make your bed. hehe. so fun. Nice for the oldies to get to meet little andrew

  4. what a good boy! Glad you had fun

  5. Tagging you for Honest Scrap.