Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Future Blogger

Yup, I'm already prepping my sweet boy to be a blogger. B's Aunt Jacquie gave Andrew a little "laptop" computer for Christmas and he is now able to play with it. As you can see, he plays quite intently. He loves to press the buttons and watch the lights and listen to the music.
In other news, we are getting ready to go to Omaha on Friday to visit my grandma, Andrew's great-grandma, for her 99th birthday. This is the same grandma that everyone was so kind to shower with cards last February. I swear, she got such a kick out of that! She is so over-the-moon excited that we are coming out. Every time I've talked to her since Andrew came to us she has been saying how much she wishes she could see him. Well, we were finally able to make that happen. I have to admit that I am pretty excited too, and I'm sure that Andrew will also be offering up plenty of smiles.
So, this will be Andrew's first airplane ride. It will be quite the experience, I'm sure. Luckily, we have a 3 hour direct flight. We are also lucky that the weather looks like it will be better than it has been recently. We are even hoping for nice enough weather that we can go to the zoo on Saturday. The last time we were there was when my dad had his accident, 2 1/2 years ago, so I'm a little nervous about how I will do. Luckily, I'll have such a happy purpose to our visit.
So, all of you seasoned travelers . . . what are some do's and don't's that I should keep in mind as I am getting us all packed tomorrow night?


  1. I don't know that I have many do's/don'ts when it comes to packing. Asher was great on the plane. I tried to nurse him for both the takeoff and landing to help him equalize the pressure. It helped, but a couple times he would finish nursing before we leveled off. I would then give him his paci and tickle his cheeks to make sure he kept sucking. We packed him snacks and things to do in the carryon but we didn't end up using really any of it. He going up and coming down and didn't need to eat other than that, and when he wasn't sleeping (which was most of the flight) he was standing in our laps looking at all the people or out the window. Good luck!

  2. Hi Christy!

    I am so glad that I came across your blog tonight. What a special little miracle you have. He is so adorable and precious. All of the pictures of him are just perfect.

    My husband and I are suffering from infertility issues as well. We have been trying since Aug. 08. In college I was diagnosed with PCOS and have known that it was going to be a challenge for me to get pregnant. Currently my husband and I are in need of losing weight. In is especially a concern for my husband because without it, our chances of conceiving are very small.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and would love to have you come and visit mine. It is great to have new followers. Best wishes on all of the wonderful moments that you are having with your son. Praise be to God. :)


  3. I got nothing on the plane ride, but how cute is that picture? He's totally blogging all his baby friends about you!

  4. just some tips/suggestions - see if they work for you:

    I would take the baby monitors unless the house is super small. If you need more room with packing, take enough diapers in your diaper bag and buy a small pack when you get there. Same with formula

    I wore a sling when we flew. That way I had my hands free.

    I was warned about the ear pressure from take off and landing - Supposedly you try and time feedings around take off/landings so they do not feel the air pressure. MT never would feed at those times because there was too much going on and he had to check it all out. He never was bothered by the take off/landing.

    The air port securityhave a special line for people w/ babies. THey ROCKED. Helping is with everything. Make sure that any rash cream/liquids in your diaper bag are all under 3oz though.

    Have a great trip

  5. oh I used a backpack as my diaper bag then, also hands free

  6. I want that Laptop!!! :-) Don't over pack. Make sure to bring plenty of stuff in the diaper bag, but don't over think it. Some diapers, a couple changes of clothes, some pacifiers, rattles. I love the instant formulas in the can--some clean bottles. Make sure to have him sucking on something during take off and landing--the ear thing. And some parents kinda give their little one some baby tylenol to kinda knock them out--not sure how you feel about that--I did not do that.

  7. I have no travel advice but I'd like to welcome you to Nebraska!! ;) Yes, the weather is forecasted to be warmer than normal! Hope you make it to the's a really cool one. Good luck on traveling with A.

  8. Anonymous2:31 PM

    My main advice goes back to your blog about Andrew and the prune juice incident with Brian. Our explosion happened with Josh on an airplane. It was close to landing so we couldn't unbuckle to change him. By the time we landed Aaron was covered in gooey poop. I was very sick from the smell (morning sickness) and he had to carry him to the mens bathroom and try his best to change him there. So bring a change of clothes or 2, a changing pad for the gross bathrooms in airports if needed and lots of wipes. Oh yeah and a bag for the trash. I hope you don't need it. I don't know the rules on formula anymore, but get the powder kind and buy some water in the airport. My friend just flew Jet Blue and she said that they were charging on the plane for drinks now. One more thing bring him a blanket too.

    Have fun,


  9. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I always think it's so cute when kids play with kid versions of what we have. I just saw my friends son had a digital camera.

  10. As a seasoned traveller, I normally recommend lots of wine, and not being afraid to push the stewardess to bring me more... don't know that that'll help you so much this ride?

    I always carry my essentials like my camera and my contacts with me on the plane. Everything else is replaceable should it get lost.

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Hey! Just A few tips from us :-D
    Take an extra change of clothes for little A. Also a light blanket(in case he does have an accident or two-he won't be naked if you power through the change of clothes. Also, when we were travelling, you had to bring empty baby bottles and fill them up with bottled water or water fountain water once you were inside the secure area. So, don't mix before hand- they made us dump it all out. They may not be quite as strict now, but I'd hate for you to lose all your formuls for the trip because of that.
    Talke a plastic bag or two to put soiled clothes in-that's it. The rest is pretty easy-peasy ;- D Once he is older- I suggest the Cares flying harness-It worked great for CHase on the trip to Phoenix and Korea.

    Cheers! Happy Travels!