Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Grandma

Three years ago, on February 5th, Brian and I got married (more on that, and our upcoming anniversary, later) in California. We were especially thrilled that my grandma was able to fly out from Nebraska to attend. She also brought along her mother's wedding ring, which I wore on my wedding day. This ring is so special because my grandma's mother died when she was just 6 years old and it is the only thing she has ever had that belonged to her mother. While at the reception the DJ announced, and we celebrated, her 95th birthday. Can you believe that?!?!? At 95 she flew to California by herself and then danced like crazy at my wedding! It is truly one of our special memories from that day.

Fast forward to now. On February 8th she will be celebrating her 98th birthday but she won't be able to be here, and we won't be able to be there. In the not too distant past she had to move out of her home and into an assisted living facility. It is a very nice place (we've been there!), but it is far away from all of her remaining friends and relatives. This winter has been long for her and she doesn't get out much and she has been lonely and quite bored, and I think a little depressed because she is beginning to lose her eyesight.

She is a feisty little Norwegian woman, sharp as a tack and a fabulous cook and baker, even running a donut shop with my grandpa for 10 years. Only once did she ever make anything that I didn't like and I don't think that any of you would have liked it either. She served me what I thought was lime jello with fruit cocktail, something I ordinarily like. However, I became suspicious when I noticed a green bean in it. Yes, seriously, I said a green bean! When I asked her about it she told me all about her new recipe which was designed to get more veggies into her diet. She made this concoction with sugar free lime jello, vinegar, and a can of veg-all. By then I had a horrified look on my face, and an even worse taste in my mouth. And then came the icing on the cake, or I should say, the ranch dressing on my jello. That's right boys and girls, she seriously dumped ranch salad dressing on top of this horrid dish, and then expected me not only to eat it, but to like it. It's amazing, but somehow I managed to be "full" by the time I got to that part of my meal. Just so you know, I never held it against her because, after all, it did take her 35 years to make something that I didn't like. However, we do get a big chuckle out of it every now and again.

Now that I've rambled and babbled myself away from my point, let me get back to it. I would love to be able to persuade some of you, any of you, to send my grandma a birthday card. If it wouldn't be too much trouble. I think it would really cheer her up on what could very well be a very lonely day for her. And if you don't know her, please include a little note that you know me, because I would really hate for her to spend her birthday thinking she has lost her mind because she can't remember people who are sending her cards.

Cards can be sent to:
Inga Laird
522 W. Lincoln St. #106
Papillion, NE 68046

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for considering this request.


  1. I loved reading your post. I had the best relationship with my own grandmother. She's been gone almost 20 years now. Her birthday was last week. My mom and I smiled, cried and thought a whole lot about her. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

    Audrey :)

  2. I would be happy to send your Grandma a card. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow! :-)

  3. My sister and I just took my grandma to SLC Utah to have lunch with her favorite author, Anita Stansfield to celebrate her 90th birthday. I will drop your grandma a card this week. Love your stories. Kelli

  4. HI chris.
    Just checking to see if this goes through

  5. Hi Again,
    First of all hope your feeling chipper after being sick all week.
    The story about the ring was nice.
    I have a card written to mail tomorrow to your Grandma . 98yrs
    Bless her !
    We love you guys....

  6. What a thoughtful idea. I will be glad to participate!

    Also, what a beautiful wedding picture!

  7. I think that's an awesome idea. Let me see if I can get my shit together to really deliver:-)

  8. What a wonderful idea. I will send her a card tomorrow.

  9. Happy Anniversary and thanks for telling us about your grandma. My grandma is also 98 and in a nursing home, she gets really bored too. I'd be happy to send your grandma a card!

  10. I'd be happy to send a card, I am sure she will love seeing all the well wishes!

  11. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Hey Chris, thanks for your sister in law's blog site. I find it very interesting and it reminds me of when I lived there so long ago. I sent your Grandma a card today also. I think that is a great idea.

    Take care, Laurie D

  12. You are very lucky to still have your grandma around. I know all about that special bond. I am going to mail her card this week! What a great idea!

  13. What a sweet granddaughter you are. I get so envious of people when they talk about their grandparents. Both of my mom's parents died before I was born, my dad's mom died when he was 7 and his dad died when I was less than 1. So I never knew the love of a grandparent. She is lucky to have you!

  14. Hi<

    I send a card hope you got it.

    Our love, Grandma & Grandpa Mayer

  15. Happy Anniversary, and I will do my best to get a card off to her soon!

  16. Anonymous10:30 PM

    So I called Grandma today to wish her a happy birthday, and she said she had a busy day and a nice lunch. She seemed a little distracted, then confessed that she was opening all of her mail. "I have a bunch of cards from people I don't even know. I think your sister did something on the web."
    Pretty funny, pretty nice. I think it made her day, thanks everyone.