Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In Awe

First of all, let me say that I am simply in awe of both my real life buddies and bloggy buddies who have so kindly offered to send my grandma birthday wishes. It warms my heart, and I'm sure it will warm hers as well. I just know she is going to be completely tickled. So thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time from your busy lives to do that for us. I truly appreciate it.

In other news, I'm still sick. Still. And it stinks. I felt better on Monday so I took a subbing job, on a rainy day, for first graders. By the time I got home my throat was hoarse. When I woke up Tuesday morning I had a horrid sore throat and intensified stuffiness. Ick.

So that is how I started our anniversary morning. And the day went downhill from there. I did not have my finest moments yesterday. In short, I'm an ass. Brian was worried that I wouldn't like the gift he got me. I assured him I would because I knew he had put a lot of thought into it. However, after I saw what it was I couldn't even fake it. And he knew. I tried to explain. It isn't that it wasn't nice, it really was. It's just that I don't have the lifestyle to support the gift and use it appropriately. And I'm not comfortable to just let it sit around and mock me. So it is going to be sent back. And I feel/felt like an ass. Right after that we left the house to get our massages. I was so upset about upsetting Brian that I couldn't even relax and enjoy it. I just couldn't wait for it to be over. Afterwards we ran a couple of errands and by the time we got home I was ready for a nap. And I napped right on through until it was too late for us to make our dinner reservations. Brian cancelled and we will celebrate our anniversary another night. And in spite of everything, he still loves me like crazy and I love him like crazy too. We get a do-over. And next time it will be better. I'm sure everyone has had a dud of an anniversary, right?!?!?!? Please share your anniversary duds with me.


  1. wait until your adoption goes through, anniversarys are on the back burner when the baby is sick or they have a school concert (or something at the school) believe me, something comes up when you have kids. How is it going in that department. I loved reading all your stories and keep you in my prayers. Kelli

  2. We started our 10th anniversary by both forgetting it was our 10th anniversary. Then my husband told me that he had made some very romantic plans, only to tell me later that he was only joking. Then our electricity went off so we went out to get dinner and ended up at the Spur (cheap south african steak house) I ended up crying and we went to bed back to back. It was awful.

  3. Of course, everyone has dud anniversaries...

    I'm trying to remember - but most of our anniversaries are low key. The highlight for BigP is that we usually go to KFC because we ate there after our wedding. That's right, KFC. We are lame.

  4. Oh yes. We have had some duds. Their was the one where I thought I would be romantic and get a dinner delivered to us. The food was rubbery, they sent us coffee that needed to be ground (we had no grinder) and we spent way too much money for it.

    Then the anniversary after Michael was born--we had Chinese and a movie. That's it. Nothing else. We were too exhausted. I think we might have said "Happy Anniversary" to each other...maybe.

    And then, I love him, but my husband is notorious with bad/but good/but bad gifts. This year, I wanted a day at a spa for my birthday--he got me a GPS. Which is nice...really. But not what I wanted.
    But nice. Umm...yeah. :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful anniversary dinner when you are feeling better! (It sucks to be sick on your anniversary!)

  5. Anonymous9:58 AM

    You have to remember that anniversarys are just one day. We don't even get gifts anymore (16 years) because we get what we need anyway and who needs that much jewerly. As Kelli said, wait until you have kids, something always comes up, but as long as you can be together it is okay because one day doesn't make up a lifetime. As for a dud, my worst was our 10th. My husband was out of town on business, but he did send me beautiful flowers.

    Get well, Laurie

  6. I can't really think of a dud anniversary, but I have an awful present story which yours reminded me of.

    When we were 19, M moved to another state where we both planned to transfer. He came home to visit and brought with him an engagement ring. He had planned to propose during our song at a concert we were going to be attending.

    The day before the concert we were driving down the road and he was acting weird. When I pressed him why, he said it was because he was nervous about giving me an engagement ring and he handed it to me.

    At this point in our relationship we hadn't even discussed marriage, he lived 1100 miles away, and to top it off I thought the ring was hideous. And did I mention we were 19?

    I didn't say a word about the ring, but he knew immediately that I didn't like it and I was not able to pretend well enough that I did.

    When I told him that I loved him but that I was too young to be engaged, it crushed him. He had bought the ring from an aunt and was not able to return it and he couldn't really afford it in the first place. His parents ended up paying for it since M was so broke.

    4 years later we did get married and so far have been living happily ever after. I think his family just recently forgived me for turning him down the first time.

  7. My husband is a terrible gift giver. I am so curious what your gift was! Last Christmas my husband got me a flat screen monitor for the communal computer and a external hard drive. Yeah. He wrapped them all nice and everything. I ended up in tears!

    One of my husband's favorite stories: on the morning of our first annivesary, he woke up before me and gently woke me up saying, "We made it! One year!". I supposedly opened one eye, and as I rolled over to go back to sleep, I said, "The day isn't over yet."

  8. I don't know that we've had a dud but we dont do anything big for it ever so that's a dud every year then:-)

  9. We usually don't have any major plans so not much in the way of good stories, but I do feel for you in worrying about hurting your dh's feelings. Sorry you weren't able to enjoy the massage. Here's hoping you're healthy and happy on the re-do dinner.
    p.s. thanks for the sweet post card, and I'm glad I was able to make you laugh!

  10. I wasn't even in town on our last wedding anniversary. I was across the country at a two week long work training seminar. When I got in that weekend, my husband had tried to be really romantic, and planned this amazing weekend. All I wanted to do was sleep - the seminar had been extremely stressful and I had gotten sick the last few days. Here he was, all ready for romance, and I was covered in a rash, pukey, and tired.

    It's not the big events that make up our marriage, it's the day to day that really counts. And the good news is that you have plenty of time to have other more romantic evenings.

  11. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Okay, so on our first anniversary (we have been married almost 4 yrs now), I got out the top tier of our wedding cake that had been frozen in the freezer for that entire year...yes I could have had the bakery bake me a new tier but I wanted tradition and wanted to eat the top of my wedding cake on our anniversary. So, the night before our first anniversary, I took the 12 inch high top tier out and put it on the counter. I told my husband when he came to bed in a few hours to put it in the refrigerator so it would be close to thawed out by the next night. Well, the morning of our anniversary came, and I of course was awake well before my husband. So I went downstairs to make some coffee and to my dismay, there sat my cake (note I mentioned MY cake) all thawed out and warm on the counter. I immediately woke my husband not with "Happy Anniversary" but with tears and crying that HE ruined our CAKE no MY CAKE. What a great start we were off too egh?

    And the subsequent year, he won a work trip and that was our gift. Notice, he didn't have to put much thought into it.

    Last year, he was out of town--he travels A LOT.

    And this year, he again won a trip so no romantic thought into this year either.

    Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the FREE trips since we have two kids and rarely get out much, but since the trips are a work thing, with all his work buddies, it hardley equates to any romantic planning on his part.

    So, moral is, I think most people have a few duddy anniversaries in their lifetime, but I agree, it is not the day that makes up for all the days and lifetimes you have together.

    Hang in there and feel better soon!!
    Love your sister-in-law,

  12. Ii got the card you sent me - thanks so much:-)

  13. Chris-thanks so much for the sweet card! I just got a couple of days ago.
    I would love to send a card to your grandmother. I hope it's ok if it's a few days late...
    As for anniversary duds...I think we may be duds because we don't really do much to celebrate them. We kind of look at each other over coffee in the morning and say...huh, Aug 23rd, oh, Happy Anniversary. I guess we go out for dinner or get take out sometimes, but that's about it.

  14. Anonymous10:43 AM

    What was the present?? Should I ask?

    Sorry, I don't have any dud present stories. I am really, really lucky that my DH always gets me exactly what I want or need.

  15. you have not blogged for a few days. Hope your feeling better and just busy.