Monday, February 11, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

Actually, we have lots of dull moments around here, but I sure don't write about all of them. Just some of them. Hopefully some of this won't be too dull.

Saturday was actually really fun. Brian was on call and had to be at the hospital all day. I had a couple of friends come over for scrapbooking. I really needed an excuse to sit down with my stuff for our adoption profile. Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish nearly as much as my friends did. I only finished the very first page! Yes, it took me about 3 hours to type up a paragraph for the first page. I thought that only kids could write that slow! However, yesterday I did finish typing up the entire rest of the narrative for our profile. I'll just cut it all up and put different parts on different pages mixed in with our pictures. Now it doesn't seem nearly as overwhelming because I have the most difficult part done.

On other news our belovedly bad beagle basically behaved badly. Last night a raw chicken thigh bone (with bits of flesh attached) fell onto the floor. Before we could blink Molly has snatched it up and sucked it down her gullet. There was no getting it back. I tried. We tried. And since we don't know how to do the Heimlich maneuver on a beagle there it remains. I called the emergency vet and they said that a raw chicken bone is pliable enough that it may pass. However, until it does we need to watch closely for signs of a bowel obstruction. So that is how I've spent my day. Watching the dog poop and then examining her handiwork. And there's no sign of a chicken bone yet.

Fortunately I'm feeling much better. Unfortunately my sniffer is working much better. And that is not such a good thing considering how I have spent my day. And how I will be spending my time until a raw chicken bone is discovered in the backyard.

So what inappropriate things have your dogs eaten?


  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    My Molly dog, (a mutt) eats anything that falls on the floor. At least I don't have to vacuum. But we are finally training her not to eat off of the counter or the cats' food because she gets sent out every time she does. (Not very pleasant when it is 0 degrees).

    Laurie D

  2. It takes me FOREVER to do one page in my scrap book--dont feel bad=)
    Our lab ate a whole bag of chili beans--talk about volcanic farts! was awful for about 3 days!
    Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Yikes, I hope your Molly will be all right! I'm sure the vets have had to deal with these kinds of issues before, right, so they should know 8)

    Our old Springer Spaniel, Betsy (rest her soul) once scarfed down a bag of Dove chocolates, foils and all. And she lived, much to our surprise--we had always heard how dangerous chocolate was for dogs.

    PS, your blog looks lovely-the color is so relaxing...

  4. My dogs ate the arm off my leather chair back when I couldn't afford to replace it, so I had to leave it like it was.

    My friend's dog gets the award, she has had her stomach pumped twice and a beach towel surgically removed. Her stomach was pumped once for eating an entire bag of Oreos and once for eating an entire bottle of Advil, including the bottle. The beach towel got stuck part way in each end, and was sawing her poor intestines in two. That isn't even everything she has eaten. The poor thing is only 4 years old and already deaf, most likely from all the bad stuff she has eaten.

  5. My dog in high school ate an entire batch of fresh baked brownies. She pooped and pooped and pooped - but she was ok.

    hope the bone appears soon and everything is well...

  6. I hope the bone passes easily and without incident:) And don't feel bad at all about taking a long time on scrapbook pages. I'm doing Lily's lifebook, and after 10 months, I'm still only to her baby shower/welcome home party. :)

  7. Just the other day my beagle Molly got bored while we were at work. She pulled the table cloth off the table to get at some yummy Valentine chocolate. All that was left was the plastic bag and one foil wrapper. And she had the nerve to wine about getting dinner! So two tablespoons of hydrogene peroxide later, the remmants of her treat were on the front lawn. She wasn't too happy with me but it saved me $300 bucks at the vet getting her stomach pumped.