Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Three Christmases

The only thing better than 1 great Christmas is 3 great Christmases! Believe me, I sure didn't mind spreading around the joy of Andrew's first Christmas. In fact, after waiting for so long, I'm a little sad that it's over.

We celebrated the weekend before when Eric and Kari and the kids came to visit. We had a wonderful time and made many memories. For instance, we watched Ryan eat candy off the gingerbread house faster than Ashley could put it on. Here's Andrew with is Mimi (my mom).

Andrew was sleeping by the time presents were underway, however, that didn't stop Ryan, Ashley and Molly. Between the first and second Christmas we had to mark Andrew's fifth month. Here is his picture with his bear when he was just a few weeks old. And here he is at 5 months! He is such a happy and smiley boy and we just love his giggles and coos. Our 2nd Christmas was on Christmas Eve and we celebrated with my parents and B's grandparents. We began the festivities at church, and, for the first time ever, Andrew didn't have to be taken out to be quieted down. He was completely enchanted by all of the lights and the music and he flirted with everyone around him. From there we had a simple Christmas Eve dinner at our house of bratwurst, sauerkraut, and potatoes, rye bread and homemade applesauce. Once again Andrew was asleep for the festivities, and we didn't take any pictures.

On Christmas Day the three of us stayed home, opened presents, took naps, and enjoyed each other's company. Late in the afternoon we went to my cousin's house in Phoenix and enjoyed family there. GranJan gave Andrew his first Snoopy, and by all appearances, a great friendship has been formed.

The morning after Christmas we loaded up the car with luggage, presents, Andrew and Molly and hit the road for southern California, arriving 5 hours later. What a great traveler Andy is! He slept pretty much the whole way and we never even had to stop to feed him or change a diaper. We stayed with B's parents and were later joined by his grandma and his sister and her family who were in town visiting from Alaska. Andrew got to meet his cousins Logan and Kaiden for the first time, so here are the three boys together. We celebrated with a ham dinner and then exchanged gifts. Andrew got all kinds of fun toys and I think everyone else had more fun playing with his toys than he did.

The next evening we went out with our friends Melanie and Jim. Andrew, who had previously won over Melanie, won over Jim as well. Nobody can ever believe what a happy, content and well-behaved baby he is whenever we go out. We are so lucky in that regards! On Sunday afternoon/evening we left Andrew with his grandparents and B and I went out to see a movie and have an early dinner. It was our first kidless date night in quite a while and we really enjoyed ourselves. However, given our current role of exhausted first time parents we were back home by 7:30 and pretty much ready for bed.

Yesterday we made the 5 hour drive home with our ever-perfect baby who we only had to stop for once for a diaper change and feeding. This was our second car trip to southern California and the second time we were blessed with a perfect traveling companion. I realize we may not be this lucky forever, but for now we sure are enjoying it.

This morning Andrew and I are enjoying a quiet morning at home. There is lots of laundry to be done and gifts and decorations to put away. However, my boy is telling me that he wants to shop. So, since I aim to please, I do believe that after his nap and my shower we will see if we can hit up a couple of sales.

Even if you don't normally comment, step right on up and jump in. Tell me about some of your best post-holiday sale finds.


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas! Andrew is quite the looker--and I can see how he can so easily win people over. He always seems so happy! I hope that rubs off on my soon-to-be son!

  2. Love your baby boy!!!

  3. He just gets cuter and cuter. As for sales - I got the cats a new scratching tree. Um...sneakers. Um...yeah, I need to get on that.

  4. Oh how are you liking the Shack? I loved it.

    Look at that big handsome boy. I am so glad that you guys had soo much christmas fun

  5. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I like your idea for photos with the bear to show his growth! We do something similar with Evie, but the bear idea is very cute, as is Andrew of course :) You are so lucky he travels well...we had some tense, screamy moments with Evie during our loooong trip to Texas and back for Christmas. She does OK during her morning sleepy phase but adding cranky afternoon phase + car seat = angry baby. Oh, and by the way, we have a beagle too, and your description of being "sometimes proud, sometimes reluctant" cracked me up. Apollo is the most crafty/devious/too-smart-for-anyone's-good creature I know, and I've heard it's a beagle trait.