Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crawling Out From Under the Schoolhouse Rock

My bloggy absence further confirms my suspicions that my time management skills pretty much suck. Each day I have such an ambitious agenda and more things carry to the next day than get checked off. Or so it seems.

But first, some old business . . . the Coyote posing with us in my last post is indeed Ed Jovanovski and was correctly identified first by Rachel so she gets a prize. However, Chicklet was the first to identify him as Jovo and express the Jovo love. So, both are winners, and I have totally cool prizes for both. But, I can't just tell you what the prizes are, 'cuz I haven't sent them out and I want Rachel and Chicklet to both be surprised. Anyhow, Chicklet, I have your address and can send it off to you, but Rachel, I need you to email me please!

In other news, third grade is still busy, busy, busy but the kids are pretty good and I enjoy my friends there and getting a regular paycheck again isn't really too bad either. We've also had lots of hockey lately, so that's good too. However, thanks to germy third graders and running myself ragged I've managed to slow down enough to get caught by a cold. I didn't catch a cold. It caught me. And it sucks. I hope Andrew doesn't get it too.

But the best thing I did today? Other than having a quiet evening at home with just my sweet Andrew, that is. Ready for it? It's also the smartest thing I've done lately. I hired a cleaning lady to come in once every two weeks. And the other really cool part is that she is coming on Tuesday so my house will be spiffy clean for Thanksgiving.

And now I'll leave you a shot of my sweet boy.

I think he's getting tired of my antics with the camera. I just want to smother those cheeks with kisses, but I'm showing amazing restraint since I'm so germy right now.


  1. YAH!!! for a cleaning lady.

    OH MY GOODNESS ... i want to smother him with kisses too

  2. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Look at those beautiful eyes!! going to be a heartbreaker for sure!

  3. He is such a cutie....those eyes!

  4. I love that look he is giving you. You can tell he is thinking some deep thoughts.

    I am excited to win, I'll e-mail you my address.

  5. Those eyes are so blue! Yes, its the cold season! Willow has a cold now, and she gave me it as a gift! The most helpful things we did was to hire a housekeeper. It takes so much off your workload--although, right now, we still are in chaos--I can't imagine not having her around!

  6. Gah! He is so sweet!

    I've had a housekeeper for a while (started when DH and I were working 80 hours a week and just couldn't keep up with the mess the 2 of us generated), but yesterday I realized that they are coming on Weds! Right before Thanksgiving! I'm SO SMART. lol.

  7. Yay for knowing/loving Jovo! And a cleaning lady - I'm so jealous. Ours quit and I'm dying without her. A slow, painful, clean-my-own-toilet death.

  8. Oh - a cleaning lady!! I am just so jealous!!

    And I miss you a TON. I have NOT forgotten about having you, B and Andy over for dinner yet - but trust me, you do NOT want to see my house right now. Hence my jealousy over a cleaning lady. How is it that I work from home and my home is a WRECK??? I don't get it.

    Miss you!

  9. You mean you really give awards? Wow!

    Welcome back (for maybe only a brief moment) to Blogland. It's nice to read up on your adventures.

    Good talking with you the other evening, as well.

    Missing you from California...

  10. I hope the cold is gone soon! I am so dreading my first cold and not being able to give out all the kisses I'd like to! He is so cute!
    Have a great thanksgiving!

  11. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Ah, look at Mr. Blue Eyes...You're right. I think they just may last.