Sunday, November 09, 2008

Coyote Sightings

Last night found us in the company of Coyotes. Yes, I'm talking hockey here. Here's Andrew in all his gear at the beginning of the game. We do try to protect his hearing with the ear protection, but he really hates wearing them. Last night went better than most because he is actually big enough that they don't just slide forward and cover his face. Andrew really seems to enjoy the games. He gets fussed over big time by all of the people walking by and he really likes all of the lights and music. I asked him, and his favorite player is Daniel Carcillo. Amazing. After the game we got to go down back behind the ice for a meet and greet session with a few of the players. Andrew was awake for that part even though it was way past his bedtime and he got to meet his first real live Coyote. Here's the first player he met . . . .

I'm offering a prize to the first person who can name this player (and B, you are NOT eligible, since you took the picture).
We had so much fun last night that we are going back tonight to watch the 'Yotes whale on the Sharks.
Oh, and to those wanting a follow up: Andrew seems to be over his cold now, he just occasionally has a little bit of congestion. Also, though it took a while, the prune juice did work. Just ask his babysitter, who enjoyed the fruits of that labor. In fact, it worked really well once the next day, and once the day after that. Both days we picked him up with freshly laundered clothes and blankets because he had made such a mess.


  1. I love the picture of him with the headphones on to protect his ears!

  2. Where did you get the ear protection?

    I am going to guess Ed Jovanoski. Of course the hair is shorter in the picture, so I may be way wrong. Looking at the birth dates on the team roster, the team is made up of kids!

  3. Ed Jovanoski.....sam

  4. Chris- your baby is just getting cuter and cuter. I'm so glad the cold is gone. He's so adorable and you look SO happy!

  5. Dammit, I'm not first but that's so Jovo. I loved him when he played for the Canucks.

  6. I haven't got a clue about hockey, but Andrew sure does look cute in his car seat!