Friday, November 21, 2008


By this darn germy cold. I'm so ready for this to be over. Yesterday was a miserable day at school. I pretty much didn't have a voice at all. The kids weren't listening and there wasn't a whole lot of teaching going on. Plus, I felt completely awful. But, I was there because there was a really important dog and pony show to put on for a district walk thru. Since I was so ineffective yesterday, and I'm still no better now, I decided to take today off. Hopefully three days of not having to talk for the better part of the day will have a healing effect and I'll be good as new next week.

In other developments, B is now at the beginning of this cold and I'm trying to figure out if Andy is picking it up too. He sounds a bit congested once in a while, but I can't tell yet if it's just because of his "aggressive eating" syndrome or from crying.

And on the plus side, I have a quiet day at home to look forward to today, allowing me to consume copious amounts of tea with honey. I have laundry to do and some straightening up to do, but luckily no CLEANING since our cleaning lady starts on Tuesday.

OK, so now there's been a development, and a humorous/gross story about said tea with honey. I just took a big sip and turned back to the computer to type. Before I could begin to swallow something happened and before I could even think to try to stop it, it was all over, leaving my laptop screen and keyboard covered in drips of honey infused tea. I'm not sure what it was, cough, sneeze, some of each, whatever. But, it caused me to spray tea all over. Seriously. All over. I thought the laptop was the worst of it. I was wrong. I'm at the island in the kitchen and the rest of the island is covered. So is the floor behind the island. So is the front of the oven. 6 feet away. Sigh. Good thing the cleaning lady is coming on Tuesday.

This weekend B, the boy, and I have an appointment scheduled for family Christmas pictures. Wanna know the amazing thing? This is not at my insistence, but rather, B's. That's right. B. The one who hates to have his picture taken. He's the one who wants the family Christmas picture. I have one appointment scheduled for Saturday, and one for Sunday. We aren't going on both days, however, between the snotfest, cranky baby potential, and B's on-call work status we may or may not be able to make tomorrow's appointment and I wanted to have a back up. Even though this is at B's insistence I'm still pretty darn excited about it. The THREE of us. Having a family Christmas picture. With the 3rd "us" being an actual human baby rather than a dog baby. I'm telling ya, this is the stuff dreams are made of. We are so lucky.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, I just got an email from our social worker at the agency. Andrew's birthmom wants to set up a time to meet. I'm really happy about this. Our contact agreement called for a visit at 3 months. However, it is up to A to make the call. Andrew is 4 months old tomorrow. I've been waiting for a month hoping to hear something.

Well, I'm off to drink more tea now . . .


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  2. Eeee Gads! Good luck with that "explosion" problem that seems to be going off. Hope the laptop, island, and stove 6 ft away is in better condition now.

    FEEL BETTER friend.

  3. PS - my hubby has offered to send you some spray gards. He's such a thoughtful guy - ain't he. Ha!

    PSS - take care of that squeeky voice of yours. (i'm still chuckling).

    Big Hugs and some Vitamin C from California.

  4. hope you feel better soon. I love family pictures. Good luck with the bio mom visit. dont dress him quite so cute ect. hehe

  5. Going through the cold thing myself. (Willow was so kind to give it to me). A friend of my used to call the kids she taught--little disease vectors.

    Hope you feel better and I can't wait to see those family portraits!

  6. i think this cold stuff is going around. I hope you feel better very soon.

    Congrats on the cleaning lady! that is awesome.

    Good Luck with the BM

  7. Baby M and I both have a cold and it is miserable. Hope you will post your holiday pictures!

  8. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I love family pictures. I hope you are all feeling well enough to get some good ones.

    Feel better soon. Laurie