Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Right On Target

Let me preface this entire post by reminding you that we are, indeed, nerds.

And that we live on the western outskirts of the Valley of the Sun. The very undeveloped western outskirts.

We moved here from southern California where there is a gas station on every corner, shopping malls every few miles and always at least 5 grocery stores within 2 miles. There were always several different locations of the same store to choose from.

Here, not so much. We pretty much have one of everything that we had in southern California, but some of the locations may be about an hour away from us. In fact, our nearest shopping mall is a good 35 minute drive on the freeway. We have one grocery store and one gas station within 3 miles of the house.

But things are changing. A shopping center a mile and a half from our house has been under construction for some time now. We have been especially looking forward to the opening of the Super Target store. (For those who don't have one nearby, Super Target is huge and includes a full service grocery store.) The grand opening is scheduled for Sunday, but we are going to be out of town until the following day. Which happens to be Brian's birthday. I have jokingly told him that we will go to Super Target to celebrate his birthday. The shopping center has been adamant that there will not be a soft opening.

Imagine my glee when reading our small local newspaper yesterday when it was noted that the soft opening would be today. My glee escalated when the article went on to explain that there was an even softer opening last night, from 5 until 9. It was currently 6:00 and dinner hadn't even been started. We all piled into the car and drove the long mile and a half to mecca. And we weren't the only ones with that idea.

We heart Super Target. It was wonderful. Wide aisles. Long rows of all of our favorite things. Wonderful "new store" prices. Beautiful produce. From ST? Who knew? Even the shopping carts were wonderful, spacious, smooth rolling and sturdy.

Despite all of the wonderful offerings we left with only a few things: pampers, baby socks, and pacifiers. But I can't wait to go back.


  1. Target is a happy place.

  2. We just got a Super Target near us about 8 months ago or so. It is our total one stop shop! I love love love it!! Their Market Pantry brand is fabulous. Enjoy! :)

  3. We go to Super target as an outing also!! SO glad we aren't the only ones ;)

  4. Brian told me to read the blog because our posts were unknowingly so similar. Too Funny! I hope you enjoy your new Target as much as we'll enjoy ours. In case you were wondering, I did go check ours out yesterday and I was in heaven.

  5. I heart Target as well! Glad you have one now!