Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Around Smiles

Know why Andrew is smiling? I'll tell ya . . . it's because we all went back to southern California for a few days to visit family and friends and he got loved on like crazy! This picture is from his playtime with Nonnie as soon as we walked in the door late Thursday night. After 6 hours in the car he was still all smiles. It was a really easy drive for the rest of us as well. Andrew either slept or looked around the entire trip. No fussing!

My friends had a shower for me at my favorite teahouse on Saturday morning. The best part was getting to see so many of my good friends. I've really missed them and it was just so fantastic to get to spend an afternoon with them. Andrew received so many nice gifts it was really quite over whelming. He went along to the teahouse as well and slept through most of it, waking up in time to get passed around the table.

On Sunday B's parents hosted an open house at their house so that B's friends could stop by to visit and meet Andrew. That was really fun too, and a great way to see lots of different people in a short amount of time.

On Sunday night B and I went out to dinner alone while Nonnie and Papa babysat Andrew. We were celebrating B's birthday and went to Duke's down at the Huntington Beach pier. We really enjoy going there and it was nice to be back. After dinner we walked on the pier for a little while until we got too cold.

We are getting so many smiles now from our completely wonderful baby boy. It's so much fun!


  1. Glad you were able to show him off! I love that last picture--he looks so handsome--is that red hair?

    Glad the trip was not hard and you guys had some alone time too.

  2. Can I just say


  3. We aren't really sure what is going on with his hair! It isn't red, more of a really light brown, but when the light hits it it looks very blond at the roots. Weird. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

  4. he is growing so much hair! He just gets cuter and cuter.

  5. Look at that smile! I bet he loved all of that attention! So cute!