Friday, April 11, 2008

Hamster Wheel

This pretty well sums up how I've been feeling lately. It isn't that things have been bad, I just feel like a small, energetic rodent. Except that I'm tired. Days have been starting early and running long with time for little else other than work and daily life chores.

And it really isn't fair to make it sound even this dreary. After all, last Friday we drove out to California and had a nice weekend there. We went to the Angels' home opener on Friday night and got to visit with some friends there. Then on Saturday we enjoyed the day at Disneyland, compliments of one of Brian's friends. Saturday evening we had dinner with Brian's grandma, then went back to Disneyland. And Sunday brought the return trip to Arizona, just in time to get back to work on Monday. Then on Monday night we, of course, had to go to the Diamondbacks' home opener. But since then it's just been work, work, work.

And work hasn't even been bad, except this week has been that whole foul state testing thing. So kids have been antsy and classroom routines disrupted. However, the people I work with are great and are making life as easy as possible for me, and even better than that, they are making school enjoyable again.

I have lots of thoughts for posts running through my head. Things that I need to vent about. Things I want to share. Things I just want to think through. Infertility stuff. Adoption stuff. Weight stuff. Just stuff.

But for now it will all have to wait. Brian is out with his buddies who are here for the weekend from California. Which means I am all alone in an empty, quiet house. (Well, Molly is here, but she currently isn't making any demands.) And I'm going to make the best of the next 30 minutes, by which time I fully expect to have succumbed to my droopy eyelids.


  1. I love the new look!

    I know how you feel about the being on a hamster wheel. Wish I had some advice for you.

  2. Hi Friend - Missed you in California while we were on the other side of the state in Florida. I really hate when I miss out on your CA visits. Love the new blog look. Even thought to ask how'd you get it? Was there a cost? I went on to Pink Armchair and couldn't really get these answered. Miss you, Mel B

  3. I like it when my husband is gone, sometimes I feel like it has saved our relationship! Breaks are SO nice sometimes!