Friday, April 04, 2008

My Heart is All A-Flutter

Last night was the last Coyotes home game of the season. Picture me with a pouty face. I really enjoy our game nights. And last night, well, the Coyotes lost the game. But my boy, Carcillo, won the fight, which, in the end, carries far more bragging rights.

Gosh, October seems so far away . . .


  1. we use to have season tickets to the tacoma sabercats, they moved, we are so sad because we miss the fights. Oh so sad, my kids and hubby and I still talk about those great days so way back when. I hope we get another team close by so we can go again.

  2. i was at the game. check out Carcillo's antics in the penalty box after the fight:
    october does feel far away...

  3. It cracks me up that you like hockey fights, cuz you just seem so much nicer than that.

    I like you even more now - I love hockey fights!

  4. I'm all about a good fight, but I draw the line when the face hits the ground! That's when I turn my head and close my eyes. YIKES!