Saturday, March 08, 2008

What We Don't Want the Adoption Agency to See

Now that I have your attention I should mention that these pictures aren't all that bad, they just highlight some of the goofiness that happens whenever a camera is within reach.

Here's an example of a fun-filled Friday night around our house:

Ashley had selected her own outfit. There is a reason toddlers shouldn't pick out their own clothes. I should also mention that she selected her own accessories . . . notice the crayon protruding from her nose and the phone in her hand. What you can't really see is the blue glitter nail polish on her toes. Quite the ensemble. And knowing Brian, he will dress our child just like this.

Contrary to what this picture shows I am not feeding a toddler to a giraffe. Rather, I'm just helping said toddler to feed the giraffe. And what do giraffe's eat? Well, giraffe food, Silly!

And just so you know, this will be my final post until I return from Milwaukee since I'm not sure what my internet access and time will be like. However, this shouldn't make you sad because Brian has been charged with the task of blogging while I am away. I have no idea what he might write about, but be sure to comment away so that he can feel welcome.


  1. I am really sorry about your grandmother, and I hope you don't freeze your bootie off.

  2. i have pictures of me with cigarettes shoved up my nose by relatives that thought it is hilarious

    Mt sister used to dress herself .. oh the outfits.

    Have a safe trip and stay warm

  3. OMG...I guess it makes sense that giraffes have really, really long tongues, but I never actually saw one before.

  4. Hope you had a safe trip home - I'm so sorry about your grandmother. As for the photos - oh. the. CUTENESS!