Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm Gonna Be a Chris Cube

Yup. I've come to the chilling (yes, pun intended) realization that my lil warm blooded self is in for a rude awakening upon my arrival in Milwaukee. Yup, I'm going to freeze my ta-tas off. I wonder if it will work for tummy, butt and thigh fat as well?

I've now lived in the Phoenix area for 3 years. And in Southern California for many, many moons before that. I haven't lived in cold weather since I was 9. Shoot, I haven't even visited cold weather much since then. In fact, the last time I was faced with snow was when I went skiing when I was 16. When the temperature here dips into the 30's I think that I am going to freeze much like our landscaping plants. And even when it does dip into the 30's here it usually warms up to the 50's or 60's once the sun is completely up. What will I ever do in a place where the highest temperature I can hope to see is 35?

I wore capris and sandals to work this week. Oh, I wore a jacket in the mornings, but it was long gone by lunchtime. I don't own any boots. 95% of my shoes are either open toe or open back. I have very few tops that will work together as layers. So today I did what any sane person in my position would do. I went shopping. And in the stores, each and every one, I saw shorts, sandals, tanks and swim suits as far as the eye could see. So I looked harder. And found a turtleneck on clearance for $5. And some corduroy pants on clearance too. And a funky cardigan sweater. Brian likes it, so you can only imagine what it looks like. But I will persevere. I'll hit up the mall tomorrow.

As for my plans, I am flying to Milwaukee on Sunday morning, and returning to Phoenix late next Saturday night. I'm certainly going to miss Brian. I haven't been away from him for that long before. And I'll miss my sweet Molly Pie too.

Thank you all so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Oh, and in answer to your questions, my grandma was my dad's mom. She was to have had her birthday next month. My grandma that was showered with cards last month is doing very well. And still enjoying the big ole pile of cards she got to celebrate her birthday.


  1. ugh try to stay warm - thinking of you

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Hi. It is cold here, but I think that it will be in the 40's next week so it isn't as bad. Of course my inlaws in CA think that 50 is frigid, so maybe you better bring a hat scarf and gloves to stay warm. :)

    Write to me if you have any time next week and I can try to come there and we can have lunch. (I know you will be busy, but if you have spare time I would love to see you) I can't find your email so mine is

    Talk to you soon, Laurie

  3. Good luck finding warm clothes in AZ. We are supposed to get 6 inches of snow tonight and there are only summer clothes at our mall. Even if you can't find sweaters, you can always dress in layers.

    Travel safe!