Monday, March 10, 2008

The "Chris Cube" Cometh

Howdy All! Let be start by saying that you all are nuts. There is no way so many of you should be wanting to read anything I write. Only one person was sane enough to vote against me and that person was, of course, me. That said, you asked for it and you got it.

Chris headed off to Milwaukee on Sunday morning. When she called to let me know she had arrived in one piece, the second thing she said was "I'm in trouble." I asked "Why?" and she replied..."The snow is coming down sideways!" Upon her arrival that afternoon the temp. was a cool 25F. Now, I know she didn't choose this time of year to visit the mid-west, but I couldn't help think to myself "Better her than me."

Where was I when she called, you ask? I was sitting in a ballpark in 80 degree weather. However, there was a little breeze and we were in the shade, so I could have put on a sweatshirt if I had wanted to. And yes, in between bites of my hot dog, I was sure to let her know just how "miserable" I was.

Her grandma's funeral was this afternoon. Fortunately it had warmed up to about 40 degrees and was sunny. There was a viewing at the church followed by a service and then on to the cemetery for another quick ceremony, then it was back to the church for the "funeral luncheon." She said that it was all very nice, but it was a very long day. They took some pictures for Chris' dad and the pastor made a tape of his service so Bob would be able to hear it. Bob's not being able to travel for the funeral has been tough on everyone.

The plan for the rest of her visit is to help her Aunt Sharon pack up her grandma's things and get them moved out of the apartment.

I hope that wasn't too bad for my first post. If you're all lucky I'll only have one or two more for you before Chris gets home


  1. I love how you just gingerly and almost casually mentioned the ballpark you were at!!! And the sweatshirt in the shade... gave a good laugh!

    Thanks for being a guest blogger while Chris is away!

  2. Great to see your post! Give Chris our love--and enjoy your 80 degree weather=)

  3. I congratulate you for taking on the blogging task! Keep up the good work and send chris warm thoughts

  4. It cracks me up that you actually admitted to voting against yourself in the blogging category. That's funny! I hope you think of me everytime you're at the ballpark enjoying the 80 degree temps. Have a dog for me!!

  5. Gee Brian, I'm sorry I missed the blog during the vote on your posting while Chris is away. I would have been HAPPY, PROUD, GIDDY, and PRIVILEGED to vote NNOOOOO!!

    Love Ya!

  6. Hi Brian,
    I am sure all that read your Blog said you did well. You must join the crowd and join the club....
    Hope Cris will survive those temps and the snow.
    She may not admit it- but I bet she enjoyed it after not having it for so long. Pretty coming down but then some mess afterwards.
    Enjoy your sports...Our love to you

  7. Good job! I love it when the guys post, there is too little of that around here!

  8. Hey Brian - I'm guessing this was your "token" blog so you wouldn't get an ear-full from Crissie. Good job, nonetheless. Who won, by the way? Hugs from California.