Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did I Really Just See That?

Sometimes I forget just how rural our city is. Even though we are only 25 miles of so west of downtown Phoenix we are considered to live on the furthest fringe of the valley. There is building and development going on like crazy in our city, and we do live in a pretty well developed area of it. Our city is something like 100 square miles with a population of 45,000. Most of the subdivisions on our side of town are very new and typically pretty modest sized lots. However, across the main road from our subdivision things get much more rural. In fact, if you stand outside my door early in the morning you can clearly hear roosters, and we can hear cows mooing as well. So imagine my surprise the other day as I drove home and saw this scene. I even had to drive by again so that I could take a quick picture with my cell phone. Actually, I just read over what I read and I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was, because I sure don't see this every day. At the very least it made me laugh, because it's not everyday that you see someone out walking their steer down the street.
And in other equally exciting news, but specifically adoption news, here is the latest. Actually, it isn't exciting at all, and barely even qualifies as news. I went to my regular primary care doctor on Monday and had my physician's statement filled out and signed. Then on Tuesday a friend came to dinner and notarized all of our stuff for us. Also, last week we got a notice from the court that we have been assigned a case number and a juvenile court officer, so we are official now. With our paperwork complete I was able to call our social worker. She, and another one, will be coming over tomorrow night to collect our paperwork and conduct the final interviews. From there they will write up the homestudy and submit it to the court for approval. I'm hoping the approval comes by the end of February or beginning of March.
After our homestudy is approved then we can be presented to birthmoms. Mind you, up until this point we have only done the homestudy paperwork. Nothing we have done has anything to do with the profile that is shown around to birthmoms. I'd like to be able to start working on our profile while we are waiting for the homestudy to be approved. That way we will be ready to be presented as soon as our homestudy is approved. Actually, I think I'll email our social worker right now . . .
In other news, I have been working much more lately. I subbed two days last week and two days this week, and I already have a sub job lined up for tomorrow. I'm tutoring this afternoon and going to the hockey game tonight, so unfortunately this means that tomorrow after school I will have to race home to vacuum and make sure the house is presentable.
Hope everyone else is having a great week too!


  1. I cracked up at the photo. I have never seen anyone leading a steer before.

    YAY!! One more step done!

  2. Hi! I stumbled on your blog while going through the Stirrups Queen's list of blogs. I love that picture!

    Looking forward to reading more from you, especially the ones about adoption. Hubby & I are heading in that direction; slowly, but surely!

  3. Wow- You never see those in NYC! Anyway-- good luck tonight with the social worker-- I am sure it will go smoothly. Enjoy the hockey game too!

  4. Great Picture!!! I come from a farm. When I was little I used to walk a baby cow through my home town to prepare for a competition. My cow could even climb stairs. :-)

    Let's wait together. At least you can call your social worker. I don't even have her number yet. They probably knew that I was going to terrorize her with calls...

  5. Wow!! That is some photo - I think I would be very nervous to see that outside my home:)
    Congrats for taking steps forward in your adoption journey. Every little thing that's completed is another step closer! Have a great weekend!

  6. Okay, that is too funny!

    I'm so excited for you and glad things are moving forward...I am so excited to see you Monday night! We went way too long without getting together this time :)

    I need to update my blog...lots to talk about right now...but I've been staring at the computer forever, so I think I need a little break first.

    Have a great Monday and I'll see you tomorrow night!

  7. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I know I've never seen a steer being walked down the street before! Do you think it's his pet, tee, hee (what WOULD the neighbors say?)!!

    On the adoption front, sounds like things are moving right along. I'm so happy and excited for you.