Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The First Step

First of all, my goal of getting the house cleaned and the tree decorated yesterday was met! I will post a picture of the finished product later, maybe tomorrow. And now to the main event.

Promptly at 9:00 this morning the social worker from the adoption agency came by. I must say that she very graciously tolerated Molly's excitement about having a visitor. She gave us a wonderful overview as to the home study process and their domestic adoption process and answered all of our questions without us even having to ask them. We were very comfortable with her right away and we feel that this agency will be a good fit with us. They are not a large agency, but I think we will really benefit from the personal service and hand holding.

Our next step is to arrange our first visit for the home study. They will call me back this afternoon with the details. It looks like our biggest problem with the home study may be locating our tax returns from last year. We used Turbo Tax and never printed it out due to printing problems and then just plain forgetting about it. The trouble is that Brian reformatted the computer about 2 months ago so it isn't on the hard drive anymore. Hopefully he can find it wherever he backed things up to. Arghhhh!

So there isn't anything too exciting to report, other than the fact that we are at least getting started. And that is something.

In other news, tomorrow, the 6th, should have been our due date. It's really sad to think about that. And I may spend some time under my rock tomorrow. But for now, I'm off to go get a massage and then later, to the hockey game tonight.


  1. hi Chris,
    The adoption agency looks great - I'm glad you feel comfortable with them. Regarding your taxes, I'm pretty sure you can request a copy of last year's from the IRS. Or, if you still have your W-2s and related info, you can recreate your form. Would be the same as reprinting it. Good luck!

  2. Thinking about you today! And praying for you too. My first due date was really difficult for me.

    I am so happy that you and Brian are moving forward in the adoption process. You will be a wonderful mother and father, and that's not something that is DNA afiliated.

  3. Rough days for the two of us. But we're still plugging along. Have fun at the game tonight!

  4. Hi Chris,
    I know today is tough for you and I wanted to say that you're in my thoughts....

  5. Chris Im sorry yesterday was a tough day...thinking of you!

  6. Wow, that's really cool that you're getting started. I'm sure today sucked for you, but hopefully starting something new gave you something to distract yourself with and helped you make it through the day.

  7. Wow! Things are moving forward for you!!

    But more than that, I wanted to say how sorry I was for not being in touch are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope yesterday went okay for you, sweetie.