Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Quick Check In

Remember that huge mess I showed you pictures of yesterday? Well, it is mostly still there and there is nary a decoration on the Christmas tree. And there is still dusting, vacuuming, bed making and bathroom cleaning to be done. But . . . everything will be all spiffed up and taken care of today. Today because there is new motivation. Tomorrow someone from an adoption agency is coming over to meet with us.

WHAT!?!?! (This is what you are thinking)

Let me explain further.

Last week my dad's physical therapist told us his story about their adoption that is finalizing this week. This is an agency that I had not heard of while searching for agencies. And it's located within our little corner of the world rather than downtown or on the other side of the valley. He gave glowing reviews of the fantastic care they received from every single employee of the agency. We checked out their web site and were very impressed by what we saw. I made the phone call yesterday, and we are being visited tomorrow.

So, I need to skedaddle so that I can make this place not so scary looking.

But, there's one more thing I need to share . . . fellow blogger and total sweetheart JJ is selling her Christmas music CD on her blog. And let me tell you this, her voice is simply amazing! I have another CD that she sent me that really showed off her wonderful voice. JJ is quite the talented lady. So, if you would like to check out her story behind the CD and find out how you can help her on her journey to parenthood please go HERE. You won't be disappointed.

And now I'm off to get to business on this mess. And I'll report back tomorrow. Wish us luck.


  1. WOW! Thats awesome about the adoption agency--Im so excited for you! Get to cleanin! ;0)

    You are so sweet--thanks for giving me a plug on your blog!!

  2. Woweeewow!

    Happy cleaning, and good luck...what fantastic news!

    Now I need to find some motivation to clean my own house....but I am not holding my breath.

  3. How awesome!! Good luck!

  4. How exciting about the adoption agency!! I will be praying for you tomorrow!! Get cleaning little lady!! ;o)