Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stims, Day 2

Yesterday morning brought day 1 of stims. We got the Repronex injection in my thigh done right before Brian left for work. I did try the longer needle, and it hurt like crazy! Not only is it longer, it is thicker. Then it bled a bit and I had a bruise almost immediately. Later in the day the injection site was very hot to the touch and slightly swollen and very sore. I'm talking about a circle about 3 inches in diameter. In fact, it's still swollen and sore. Last night I had my Follistim injection, Clomid tablets, and Dexamethasone tablets as well. And that injection was a piece of cake compared to the morning one, though I did whine a little bit, but maybe that was just for dramatic effect. Oh, and I can't watch for anthing! By the way, Brian does all of the injections for me. If it was left to me we would be on our way to adopting another beagle.

This morning's Repronex injection wasn't quite as smooth. Brian was preparing the syringe while I took Molly outside for her morning business. He forgot that he was only supposed to fill the syringe with 1/2 cc of the saline before mixing it with the powder. Instead, he used the entire vial of saline (2cc) and mixed it with the first powder vial. Luckily he realized his mistake before mixing with the second powder vial. So, he started over and we wasted a $56 vial of Repronex. However, today I opted for the shorter, thinner needle and was willing to risk topical irritation. So far it isn't that bad. There is a red, raised, hot place about the size of my little finger. No itching at all! I would say that this is preferable to throbbing soreness and bruising of the longer needle. We will see how long I can tolerate the shorter needle before considering the longer one again.

Tonight's injection will have to take place at the hockey game. We figure we will do it in the car right before we go in. It will be a little bit early for our time schedule, but better than having to drag it in with me and do it then.

All things considering, I am feeling really good. I've been really energetic over the past week and I feel pretty relaxed and confident and hopeful. I know that one day this will all be behind us and we will enjoy a good life again.


  1. Have fun at the game - hopefully you don't get busted shooting up and have to explain it's actually fertility drugs:-)

  2. The longer needle doesn't sound like much fun! I do my injections as it would make me twice as anxious worrying about my husband doing them. You're brave! I feel like I have more control this way though dh has offered to do it - but I always say no.

    Good luck this cycle!

  3. Oh're so brave!!! I don't know if I could do it!!! Thinking good thoughts for a successful cycle!!!

  4. Ouchie! I'm sorry about the bruising. I wouldn't be able to take the long needle. I had an IM trigger shot and I thought I'd die when I saw that sucker!

    I hope it all pays off in the end. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly from here on out. XOXO

  5. Wow you are a trooper! I was going to warn you about getting arrested too, but chicklet beat me to the punch!

    Haven't gotten my drugs yet, but the clinic has told me all the shots are IM with tiny needles...I feel so lucky when I hear about all the long ouchie needles that people have to put themselves through.

    Brian is a trooper too!

  6. It was so good to spend some time with you tonight! I am so excited for you! My email is :)

  7. YIKES! Makes my Lucrin shot seem like a loving nudge!
    You are a brave soul, I hope I am as brave as you when my bigger scarier shots roll around..

  8. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Jeez, I hope you don't bruise everytime you "shoot up"! People will start thinking Brian is beating you up!!! LOL!

    Have fun at the game

  9. Hope the game was fun--and I hope that the bruising is subsiding and doesn't get any worse!