Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still Moving Forward

These have been a busy couple of days. We spent Saturday running errands and trying to discover some local undiscovered places. About all we came up with was a good Mexican restaurant for lunch. Later that evening we went to the hockey game since our season ticket partners couldn't make it. That was a nice, unexpected night out. Though, I did have to get my evening injection in the car in the parking lot!

On Sunday we worked around the house. We are still trying to get things in order from our painting adventures. We also had my dad over to supervise picture hanging and watch ball games with Brian. I also had my first fertility med induced meltdown. Over hanging pictures. Oh jeez! Not one of my finer moments. We also made dinner and my mom came over to join us. Brian made a pork loin and super yummy green beans, and I made twice baked potatoes and an apple pie. Don't be too impressed. I got the pie from the freezer. Oh, and the pictures still are not up on the walls, which is why I haven't yet posted pictures of our new decor.

Monday brought a morning of helping at my parent's house followed by a drive to the other side of the valley for my appointments. I had another ultrasound and bloodwork. Everything is still good and we are moving forward. My follicles are still small and even and hormone levels are where they need to be. I had time for a quick Target run and lunch before acupuncture. Then it was time to drive home to meet the day's tutoring kids and that kept me busy until 5:30. Then it was time to leave again for my support group meeting. That went really well and I can't wait for the next one. It is just so helpful to talk to people who really know what you are talking about and who don't think you are a raving lunatic. By the time I got home I was dead tired and went right to bed, stopping only for the evening injection and handful of pills.

Today was just plain more of being busy. I started the morning at my parent's to help out. Then I went to the gym and ran a couple of quick errands before heading home to pay bills and balance our bank accounts. Yuck. I really, really, really hate that chore. It's almost as bad as cleaning bathrooms. I also did massive amounts of laundry today, but got it all done. I even got a pasta casserole made before my first tutoring kids came. Tonight we are off to another hockey game, and it means another injection in the car.

Pretty boring, huh?

I have had plenty of time to think, and I've been thinking lots of thoughts. Thoughts that I will have to share at another time because I don't think I'm done sorting things out right now.


  1. Good for you, being so productive.

    I should follow your example, but I am too busy eating leftover spaghetti and watching Dancing With The Stars.
    *looks guilty*

    Good news on the hormone levels! Yay!

  2. I am glad you are staying busy! What better way to make time fly by than to keep yourself distracted. Also, after reading your blog, I have booked my very first acupuncture appt. I am a weenie when it comes to needles, but I am finally open to trying new things to relieve some stress (and get the blood flowing in my reproductive areas). I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. Wow, sounds like you have been really busy!

    I hope having to do injections in the hockey arena parking lot doesn't happen too often! Yikes.

  4. Staying busy is the only thing that keeps me sane through this - distractions are a good thing.

    Sending you good thoughts.

  5. Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers and I'm crossing my fingers and toes this all works out. The twice baked potatoes by the way sound delicious! You'll have to let me know how to make those. Looking forward to reading about your thoughts soon...

  6. Thinking - it can be a dangerous activity - I hope your has been productive. Mine takes me down all sorts of paths - especially when I combine it with feeling.

    Share when you feel like it.

    I'm glad this cycle is going well!

  7. Have you seen that silly piece in US magazine -- STARS, THEY'RE JUST LIKE US! We should start one called "IFers, THEY'RE JUST LIKE US"! They make apple pie from the freezer! They hang pictures on the wall! They go to hockey games! They shop at Target! :-)
    I don't think it is boring, we all have "lives" to live outside of living the IF scenario.