Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's Always Something

Even though one of our mottos is "It's always something", things aren't too bad right now. After my last update I was heading out for a massage so that I could be turned into the consistency of jello. Wow. It worked, and it was wonderful. However, I planned to come home and go swimming and then have a quiet evening at home with Brian. Let's just say that didn't come close to happening!

Right after I got home my mom called me. My dad's doctor had called with the results of his urine culture and he had another UTI. OK, not a huge deal because he gets them all the time due to his condition of being a quadriplegic. However, because he is allergic to so many oral antibiotics, and because of the resistant nature of the infection, he needed to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Brian came home from work a few minutes later so we went to my parents house, with dinner. Then we helped get my dad ready and went to the hospital emergency room. Brian and I stayed until 9:30, but my mom didn't make it home until 2am. My dad is still in the hospital, and pretty cranky about being there. One good thing is that it's the same hospital where Brian works so he can keep tabs on him a little bit. He was having more tests done today but it looks like he will be discharged to a nursing home on Saturday. Yup, he doesn't get to go right home as he will need to be on an additional 10 days of IV antibiotics. He isn't sick enough to stay in the hospital, but requires too much care for my mom to handle everything. I spent yesterday taking my mom to drop off the wheelchair van for repair and finding a nursing home, as well as going to the hospital to visit my dad.

Yesterday was not all work though . . . .last night Brian and I went to the Diamondbacks baseball game. We even made it home in time so that he could catch the end of the Angel game.

Now on to today . . . "Hurry up and wait" seems to best describe my doctor appointment. Today is day 9 of my cycle so I had to have a hysteosonogram, or something like that, to make sure that everything is a-o-k within the confines of my uterus. This, to make sure it is OK to proceed with IVF. I'm pleased to report that no UUOs were found. That is "unidentified uterine objects" for those of you unfamiliar with my own made up language. However, due to my cycle and their scheduling, my IVF cycle has been delayed a month because their lab will be closed for a few days around Labor Day. So, the plan is to wait until my next cycle starts, wait for ovulation, and then begin meds. This means we will start stimulation at the beginning of October and do retrieval and transfer mid-October. Drat. I just had myself all psyched up to start now! Oh well, now I have a little more time to better prepare myself. All is well.

In other RE news, my doc also did a quick check of my ovaries. I have 3 follicles on one side, and 3 or 4 on the other. He joked that I may get pregnant again prior to the start of IVF, since last time I got pregnant right after the hysteosonogram. By the way, he was not impressed with the number of follicles I had. Well, for my age it's OK, but younger gals have more. I understand that it is low for a day 3 count, but today is day 9. Wouldn't it be expected to be a little lower now since actual ovulation is closer? They do expect me to ovulate in 6 or 7 days, but right now there is no clear front running follicle. Oh I wish this could be easier! And that it wasn't so confusing.


  1. Sorry about your dad. And about the mixed results from the RE.

    Even if you don't get pregnant on your own, a Halloween BFP would be fun!

  2. Shit, sorry you have to wait, again. Thinking good thoughts for the few follicles you've got:-)

  3. I wish it was easier too!

    I hope your dad is better soon.

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Girl, I so wish it was easier. I pray everyday for it to get easier and it never does. I feel your angst!!!

    Sorry that your dad is having so many problems...

  5. I definitely envy the women who don't know anything about follicles...

  6. Hi-
    First I'm sorry about your dad...I hope that UTI clears up very soon! Maybe it's a blessing that the IVF has been pushed off a month... I'm not sure about follicles...but I would just try the natural way this month and see what happens.

  7. Sounds like a hectic day! I hope your dad starts doing better.

    I am sorry that you got worked up about the IVF and now you have to wait. Maybe you will get pregnant this month afterall.

    Have a good weekend!

  8. Brian2:25 PM

    For the record, our motto is "Nothing is ever easy."

  9. Hope your dad recovers soon.

    Not that you don't already know this but... infertility sucks. Anyone who has been there has experienced the same frustration and sense of defeat.

    Best of luck to you - I hope your IVF proves successful on the first go around.