Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Support Group Scoop

Last night was the first meeting of a newly forming Resolve support group on our side of the Valley. Unfortunately, it was also the first major monsoon storm of the season to come through here. Brian didn't even want me to go as it was going to be about a 35 minute drive. However, I had really been looking forward to it and had myself all talked into going. So, I went and really didn't have any trouble with the storm, though it put on quite a show.

Having said all this, it seems as though some gals might have had a little more sense than me and stayed out of the storm. The meeting consisted of just me and the leader! What an easy way to ease into a support group! I was very encouraged to hear her story. She has seriously been through it all and has made it through to the other side, eventually building her family in three very different ways.

She also had lots of really good advice about how to take things step by step and how not to get too overwhelmed. She also raved about the doctor I see, even though he was not her doctor, so that made me feel really good. Most importantly, she told me that absolutely everyone she knows who has gone through infertility has come out the other side of it with kids, one way or another. That was really good to hear. This will be over one day. She also encouraged me to actually call and go to a follow up appointment with my RE to get the "now what" questions answered. At least that way I won't have to worry about what he might or might not say.

Listening to her sort of humbled me too. It makes my year and a half struggle look like a walk in the park.

So, I have an appointment scheduled with my RE for first thing tomorrow morning. I'm sort of looking forward to what he has to say, and I hope to have some of my worries settled down.


  1. I'm glad the "group" worked out so well for you. It's good to get that extra kick of support and reassurance.

  2. Well, 2 makes for a group too doesn't it?? A very small group but a group nonetheless!!

    I, too, get humbled when I talk to infertiles that have been trying for years. I always feel bad for myself and the amount of time we've been trying (this month makes 18 months), and then I talk to others who have been trying for years and years and I know it could be worse.

    Good luck with the appt today. Let us know how it goes.

  3. I am glad the support group went well. Sometimes just meeting others who have been there helps.

    Good luck at the REs office!

  4. I'm glad your bravery worked to your advantage! It is always inspiring to hear of others' journies and experiences.

    I hope your RE has some valuable input today.


  5. Thanks for your comment to me. I have also been to an in-person IF support group and it was very helpful. When I went it was only me and the leader and one other person, then a fourth who came quite late. Seeing the other person in the waiting room (the group was at the clinic) was very moving because she looked just like a woman you'd see anywhere, and I thought, she's going through the same thing I am.

    I'm glad your leader was helpful and even inspirational. But of course, a year and half is not a walk in the park. None of this is.

  6. Sounds like a great meeting. My husband and I always say that we will be parents - we just don't know how our children will come to us yet. Our efforts are now on fertility but soon they may be on adoption. I just want this part to be over and the parenting part to be here now. I am a patient person but all of this waiting, hoping, etc. is really trying for me