Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Since I've Been Gone

No, I haven't had an escape from my life (though I could use some time away on a tropical island to forget about everything), I've only been gone from blogging for a few days while things were crazy busy around here. My brother and Ashley flew in from CA on Friday morning and after the trip to the airport I had lots of errands to run to get ready for the weekend. I spent the afternoon with my dad and Ashley while my mom and Eric went to the airport to pick up my grandma who flew in from Omaha. Then Brian and I spent the evening with his aunt who was in town visiting for a few days.
Saturday was even busier. Brian and I did a quick clean up of the house before running to Costco to buy stuff for the event at our house that day. That's right, we hosted a family get together. Eric and Ashley were already with us and we were joined by my parent's, my grandma, my mom's cousin and her boyfriend, and Brian's grandparents and aunt. It was very nice to visit with everyone, though I did have to excuse myself for a couple of hours to go nap. I think I overdid things for a couple of days and had to be reminded to take it easy again. Everyone left by early in the evening, except for Eric, Ashley and my grandma who were staying with us. We watched some baseball on tv, then called it a night.
On Sunday Eric and Ashley left us to go back to CA and we went over to my parent's house for a little Mother's Day lunch. Can I just say how handy it was having leftovers from the day before? It was really nice to spend some time with my mom and grandma.
Yesterday I took it easy and hung around the house with my grandma. I also started seeing my tutoring kids again.
And today, back to working today. Though instead of subbing in a classroom I was at my old school doing reading assessments. They have really been wonderful about letting me work whenever I want to/can over these next few weeks. I didn't have to do too much running around and it was great to have something else to occupy my thoughts. I was even asked if I would like to come back to teaching full time next year. It is definitely something I have thought about in the past week or so, but I'm not sure I can make that committment. I'm not ready for IVF right now, but that could change several months down the line. I live way too far away from my RE's office to juggle that with school, and it sure isn't something that I can put off until NEXT summer. However, it was quite a boost to know that I am still wanted.
And in the midst of all of this busy-ness how am I doing? My mind still wanders to my worries several times a day, and many times I find myself in tears, however, I am really trying to be positive. I have done some interesting reading that has really helped to boost my spirits. I will share some of that in my next post.


  1. Hi- I'd love to hear what you've found from your reading! I have the Infertility Cure too and also the book my doctor wrote- called "What Doctors May Not be Telling you About Getting Pregnant" By Dr. Raymond Chang. It complements acupuncture really well too.
    Did your doc tell you to wait a few cycles before trying again? My doctor told me to wait 2 cycles because the first period after a miscarriage may not be a regular period and the hormones are still out of whack... otherwise we would have tried this month- trust me, I hate that we have to wait!
    I think it's amazing that you were able to host a family event & spend time with family (I'm so sorry about your dad...). After my miscarriage I didn't leave my apartment for 2 weeks. But I think it was good for me bc I was able to grieve and now feel excited and EAGER to move on.... Good luck today at acupuncture! Let us know how that goes. p.s. Did you watch Idol last night? I hope Blake stays! :)

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM

    It sounds like you had a very nice, relaxing weekend even with being busy. We could all use more like that, LOL! Sometimes I like being busy, as it takes my mind off of "things". My DH says that I have OCD and if I don't have other things to occupy my time, I'd obsess about TTC all the time! He's a man, he doesn't understand!

    Anyway, have a great rest of your week. Look forward to hear about what you've been reading.