Monday, May 21, 2007

Restful Sleep

Some of my biggest physical complaints since my miscarriage have been awful sleep patterns and migraine type headaches. I went to acupuncture last Wednesday and both issues were addressed. My headache felt better immediately, but it returned later that evening. I decided on an early bedtime so I took Motrin, Benedryl and a hot shower before climbing into bed. I immediately fell asleep and began to have the most wondrous dream. I dreamt that we had a baby! Before I could enjoy myself too much I was rudely awakened by Molly, who had been sleeping with me, as she started yacking and I was afraid she was going to puke in my bed. Anyhow, my dream was so vivid and seemed so real. I have carried with me a sense of peace since then. And for that I am grateful.

Every now and then doubt and worry creeps back into my thoughts. Doubt and worry that my ovaries might not get back with the program. Doubt and worry that my only chance to have a baby is gone. And in these moments I try to remember my dream, as well as my desire to face this maze of infertility and miscarriage with love, hope and faith.


  1. Hi- thanks for your comment. You are so right, a break from doctors is a good thing. I did actually have the LH surge last night (day 15) so I feel much better now and cancelled the doc's appointment. I loved your dream- I want a dream like that! Hold on to it- it will happen. Thanks again for being such a comfort.

  2. Wow-- happy early birthday to you! I hope you celebrate and have a wonderful time,and may this year bring you happiness, health and motherhood.

  3. I often have vivid dreams, some are good, some are bad. My favorites are the ones that leave me with the peaceful feeling yours did.

  4. Good dream! I did accupunture for 6 months, and I loved how when I had trouble sleeping she could just work her magic and PRESTO! Fixed.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.