Monday, May 07, 2007

A New Approach

I shared this picture of our baby room several months ago. In light of recent developments I have changed my mind about the whole Field of Dreams "If you build it they will come" plan. Yup, the crib has been taken apart and removed from the room and all of the baby stuff packed up. C'est la vie. It seems best this way. So, while I may have given up my baby space, I have claimed scrapbooking space! I now have room to spread out all of my stuff and get comfortable. I can leave projects laying out for hours or days without fear of things getting lost or spilled on. I also have a gorgeous view of the Estrella Mountains outside of my favorite window in the house. And if I suddenly get really sleepy there is still a bed in the room if I am too tired to walk down the hall to my bedroom.
And when the day comes I will happily pack up all of my stuff again and make room for baby.


  1. I am so sorry that you had to pack up the room. I hope you get to switch it back soon. And until that day, enjoy the space and create art inside it.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thank you so much for you thoughtful comment on my blog and I'm glad you found some comfort from it during this painful time. I feel for you, I know what you are going through. I read some of your blog and noticed you got pregnant thru IVF-- well at least now you know you can get pregnant! (This is what people tell me)... I think once the D&C is done today you will be able to really grieve and then hopefully move on-- because what other choice do we have, right? I hope you make it through today okay, and cry if you need to, do whatever feels right for you- there are no rules here. And with time, we will get to be the mothers we so want to be. There is no other way! I'm sending you big hugs...

  3. Hi,
    So you got pregnant naturally! Well that's amazing and even better. So now you REALLY know you can do this. I too got pregnant naturally after being on treatment and doing IUIs for 3 cycles unsuccessfully. So we both can do this : ) Try to hold on to that. That's what I'm doing. Are you doing acupuncture or anything to help keep you relaxed? I have been told by everyone that stress plays a huge role in infertility and I also think that the treatments and procedures themselves cause SO much stress.
    Again, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this-- I have had moments still (4 weeks after my miscarriage) where I go to the bathroom at work to cry. But it gets better and soon you will be able try again and it will happen. Stay positive and strong. Good luck today... Hugs.