Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baseball with Dad

Today Brian, my dad, and I went to the Brewers/Angels Spring Training Game at Maryvale Stadium thanks to the kindness and generousity of our friends the Dobbins. It was a great day to take in a ballgame! The temperature this afternoon was 95 degrees, but as you can see we had seats in the shade so we were really quite comfortable. My dad was wearing his Miller Lite pants today and got many compliments on them from beer fans at the stadium. A couple of foul balls came our way but nothing to be concerned about. We left the game just a little bit early to avoid all of the exit traffic. After getting back to our end of town we had about an hour and a half to relax before it was off to the Coyotes hockey game for Brian and me. Ya just gotta love March . . . baseball and hockey on the same day!

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