Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bloggy Comments

Nothing much to report since my last post, so I thought I would cover this little "housekeeping" issue. Some people have asked me how to post comments, read comments, or get in touch with me. Let me tell you, if you are reading this you are more than capable of participating with comments! At the end of each post you will see the word "comments" underlined. And there will be a number in front of it indicating how many comments have been made about that particular post. Sadly, it is usually "0", but I would love it if you would help to change that sad little number. All you need to do is click on the underlined "comments" and another smaller box will open. You will be able to scroll through the box to read other comments (if there are any) and this is where you will put your own comment. It's really easy, I swear! So, give it a whirl, let me know you are reading and share your thoughts.

Oh, and if you would like to email me directly then just click on my profile to open it and you will see a link on the left side to email me. See? Isn't that easy!

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