Monday, February 19, 2007

Gray Skies and Rain, but High Hopes

President's Day began early here in Goodyear. I was up by 6:15 and already walking in the dark listening to my ipod as the sun came up. It is always so pretty here as the sun comes up over the mountains. Early morning is my favorite time to walk, even if it is a bit chilly. Not long after the sun came up the clouds rolled in. I washed every throw rug in the house and had them all drying in the backyard as it began to rain. It figures that it rains on a day when I'm trying to dry stuff in the backyard. Did I mention that I washed all of the outside windows last Friday? Actually, I'm a little surprised that it's raining at all, considering that yesterday we didn't get the cars washed as planned. But, I really do like the rain. And I really like being at home on rainy days. Even if I do have to clean the entire house today.

Last Thursday I had the IUI done. Brian's contribution was great and the doctor was happy with it. I was even pleasantly surprised not to have had any discomfort for the remainder of the day like the last two attempts. Even better, I feel great! Even though I was injected with a boatload of fertility drugs I have been so much more even tempered than the previous go arounds that involved Clomid. I do believe I had Clomid to thank for all the craziness and moodiness. I'm so happy that I will never take it again! So here I am, feeling very confident and hopeful, waiting until March 1st to take a pregnancy test.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers and support!

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